Ten reasons I babywear:


10. Babywearing is comforting to my babies; they have terrific naps and fall asleep almost instantly once we’re all wrapped up.

9. When I wear a baby in a ringsling on my front, it makes me feel (and look) like I’m pregnant again! I love to cup baby butts and kiss the tops of heads.

8. Babywearing lets me ‘hold’ both of my babies at the same time in a secure way that is supportive of their little bodies and my bigger one! I also can have both hands free if I need to blow my nose, twitter, or do a little dancing.

7. I just simply adore it. Feeling baby breaths on my neck or chest, being all cuddled up with my babies, having them curl against me. Hearing them laugh when we walk around and look at stuff, and, I’m sorry: it just looks so fucking COOL, okay?

6. Our twin pushchair is huge. Trying to maneuver it through stores or crowds is a nightmare – we’re always crashing it. And taking it into a family bathroom to change them? Impossible. But each of us wearing one baby means there are no compromises – we can go where we want when we want. You can even pee quite easily while wearing a baby – I’ve even done it on a plane!

5. When Snort or Coconut see me pull out a wrap, they smile, laugh, and wiggle with excitement.

4. Well, wearing a baby makes off road walking a possibility. Our pushchair is butch, but nothing beats two feet on bumpy paths, mud, or …whatever.  It’s more intimate than being pushed, and we can have ‘conversations’ while walking. Plus, I’m strengthening muscles by wearing a baby or two – and the babies are, too. They have had excellent head control from quite young, and I think being worn has helped them with that.

3. I feel like a supermom, a beautiful woman, and uber capable. I can wrap one or two babies in a lot of ways, wrangle a ringsling like a champion, and offer other people advice based on my experiences. I’m used to having an intellectually and emotionally demanding job and I like learning; babywearing has given me a chance to learn a new skill and help others. What could be better?

2. There is a big online community for babywearing parents. No one understands obsession and hoarding like a mother on the hunt for a new mai tei, pod, wrap, sling, etc.

1. Moments like these:

The main reason I love babywearing is, quite simply, because my babies love it.

There are probably at least fifty other reasons I love babywearing, but I’ve got my hands full of babies at the moment. Tell me, why do you babywear?

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12 Responses to “Ten reasons I babywear:”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I am so glad that works for you guys – and yes, it DOES look awesome!!

  2. Gliding through motherhood Says:

    I love to babywear! I did it a bit more with my first but we often each wear when when we’re out, or I wear one of the babies and then have the other baby and the 3yo in the double stroller or in a shopping cart. I’m so impressed with you for being able to get them both on you on your own – I haven’t done it yet, and I ended up being a beco carrier because i was too nervous to get one on my back by myself with a regular meitai.

    • existere Says:

      Whatever works!! It’s all about the confidence, babee!

      I think it is just harder with twins. If we are going long distances with them now (and by that I even mean a shortish walk through the mall!) my body just isn’t healed enough to handle it, so we use the pushchair. TMD hasn’t ever wore both, and I think she’s sort of scared of it. I don’t blame her.

      I am a naturally gung ho person about new things I find and like, but still not sure I would have worn both if I hadn’t of needed to on a few occasions!

  3. saralema Says:

    Great list! One I would add that when we are out and about, I feel MP is less vulnerable when I am wearing her. I haven’t had anyone attempt to touch her when I am wearing her. When she’s in her carrier, there have been a couple times people have.(Listen germ pots, I know she is adorable, but don’t touch my baby, okay?)

    I admire your ability to put them on your back. Working myself up to trying that one.

    • existere Says:

      Yes – I actually thought of this just after hitting submit. A baby out and about is like honey to the flies, particularly when there’s two! No one ever touches them when they are being worn, though we get lots of attention and questions, which I don’t mind!

      Back carries really really aren’t that scary. I possibly wouldn’t use a Moby on the back, though, but I admit ignorance of the actual Moby brand. Just know stretchies aren’t really made for back carries. Videos on YouTube show women like, FLINGING their babies onto their backs. I don’t know how to do that – and I’m sort of glad I don’t! it looks scary.

      What I do? (This is only for wraps…) Put Snort against my tummy with the middle of the wrap behind him. Then I scoot him over to my hip. Then from my hip onto my back, where I can lean forward and he’s perfectly secure – I always leave at least one hand supporting him, though, just in case. And when I was super new (and still most of the time now!) when I am scooting him around to my back I do it over the couch in case we should have an accident!

      In my opinion it’s like high ropes courses. You have all that safety gear on and all the fear, but rarely do you actually fall. I won’t say I’m always graceful, though!

  4. Katie Says:

    Something I’ve been meaning to ask you- are the wraps an integral part of the babywearing experience for you guys? When my brother and I were babies (in the mid 80s), my parents had a knapsack sort of thing for us. It could be worn front or back. We never had a stroller/pram/buggy, whatever, because my mom hated them- they were big and bulky and not portable or convenient for her. So, really, I think it’s hilarious to read about babywearing as some sort of breakthrough, like no one realised that there were other methods of infant transportation.

    Of course, with twins, you want to be able to wear them tandem, and with our carrier, that probably would’ve been impossible, but I’ve been reading your blogs about trying to put them on and take them off (but you’ve pretty much got a handle on that now), and thought, “Man, if she had one of those things like my mom had when we were little, how crazy easy would that be!?” So, I wondered why the wraps in particular?

    • saralema Says:

      For me, I didn’t know about babywearing beyond a Baby Bjorn carrier. Being the youngest in the family and having older parents, I just wasn’t exposed to a lot of baby things as a child and young adult. I think the whole breakthough aspect is just first-time parents learning something that makes their lives a bit easier and wanting to sing its praises because they want EVERYONE to know about it. I agree with the humourous aspect to it. I know I chuckle when friends who are brand new to pregnancy and parenthood “discover” something and do what I was doing not to long ago.

      I have a wrap and two slings. My first sling (basically a store brand)wasn’t great and didn’t feel safe beyond a cradle hold. I was disappointed and found just carrying MP easier. When I got my wrap, it ignited my babywearing love because I felt MP was much safer when I would go hands free. I now own a Hotsling that properly fits and it is a world of difference. As MP grows (she’s 8 months now) I find myself reaching for that before my wrap because it is so quick and easy to put on.

      • Katie Says:

        That makes sense. Sort of like when a friend of mine had her baby, she went on and on to me about how great cloth diapers were. I laughed and reminded her of a conversation we had in high school when she couldn’t believe my parents had used cloth diapers, “What did they do with the dirty ones?!”

        (Keeping in mind all my children are hypothetical at best.) I admire parents who wrap, because I don’t know if I could handle it- I’m pretty hopeless at keeping my wrap-around robe fastened. I just wondered if it came down entirely to personal preference, or if it truly was easier, more flexible, etc.

        And Sara- I am intrigued by your comment about people not touching the baby in the wrap. I would’ve thought most baby touchers were also pregnant tummy rubbers?

    • existere Says:

      Wraps are and are not integral to my babywearing experience! They were how we were introduced to it, so it’s what I’d had the most exposure to. I’ve tried a bunch of different sorts of carriers, and while wraps may seem like the most finagly (finan-gul-ie), they are the most flexible, supportive, and comfortable in my opinion. You gain or lose a few pounds, or your baby getting bigger? No matter. They are infinately adjustable. And with one piece of fabric you can carry one or two babies – on your front, on your hip, on your side – each in a zillion positions. No buckles to dig in.

      THAT being said, I am curious about Connectas or O&A carriers – they are soft structured carriers similar to what your mom might’ve used on you. I do think they would be super quick and easy – but for wearing both? I don’t know. I think it would be should pinchy to have two of these on. I also am still all crippled up from SPD, and wraps have back support and proper weight distribution.

      If I have to wear both for any length of time, I have to think that for me, right now, I haven’t found anything better than a wrap. Though I’m open to trying new things!

      I think, basically, that different carriers suit different people. And also different situations. On the plane we used ring slings, which were a lifesaver – who wants 15 feet of fabric in the aisles of a plane, after all? Not me!!

      I know people of our parents generations did babywear, and actually people in various parts of the world have ALWAYS babyworn, but I don’t think it’s all that common in Western society. We live in a town that is like Babyville, and I’ve never seen one other baby being worn in any way – including the infamous and trashy Baby Bjorns!

      I toot the babywearing horn in case there is a parent out there who reads my blog and and thinks, ‘Hey, never thought of that.’ If someone tries it and it makes their busy life easier, hell, I’m all about that!!

  5. Christy Says:

    I love your list Existere! Babywearing is so awesome and it’s so impressive that you can get both babies on you.

    I think my favorite reason to babywear is that my Lily can kiss me as often as she wants (and that is pretty often) when I’m wearing her. I really wish I could wear her and sit down, that would make tweeting and blogging so much easier but that’s not my girl.

    I would have to add that babywearing makes Lily feel secure. She’s very shy and we had people over the other day, she was in the Ergo for the longest time just watching these “strangers” till she was comfortable with them. It was great.

    • existere Says:

      How sweet. I can’t wait until Snort and Coconut can give kisses,…they sure like getting them enough!!

      And nice that she can check people out and you can comfort her, but still have your hands free to play hostess.

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