Speed pooper.


Today started with me saying, ‘Okay, guys, Mama needs to poop. Oh, hell, just let me pee…I’m gonna put you down, and you be good, okay? Let’s be positive here. Give me two minutes and I can probably get it all out.’

Tonight ended with me leaping out of the bathtub, my stomach cramped beyond belief, to shit out smooth, pasty reams of godawful wrongness which actually closely resembles the shit of the babies.

I’m just sayin’.


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2 Responses to “Speed pooper.”

  1. Christy @ Jinxyisms Says:

    I am so familiar with this. I have bargained and pleaded with Lily so many time to please just let me poop really quickly. LOL

  2. CJ Says:

    Ha ha….you crack me up!

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