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Stupid questions people ask about my twins.

January 7, 2010

Among the world of stupid questions, the most stupid is, ‘Are they identical?’ I admit Coconut and Snort do often look very similar, and that strangers can’t be expected to know the difference. So I don’t hold strangers accountable for their stupidity, despite the fact that one has blonde hair and blue eyes and one seems to have brown hair and hazel or brown eyes. Whatever, right?

I think a lot of people somehow assume all twins are identical as well. I can’t correct all of society’s wrongs.

But….people who know I have a little girl Coconut and a little boy Snort? And medical professional after medical professional?

‘Are they identical? No? Are you sure they aren’t? They look so much alike.’

Dude, peel off their diapers and you will discover that no matter how much alike the rest of them is, there is one are where they are, most assuredly, not identical. Boys and girls are non-identical by definition (though I think I have read something about once-in-a-lifetime b/g identical twins…not sure how that works).

Our health visitor said, ‘If you didn’t have IVF and know there were two eggs put back, you wouldn’t know if they were identical or not.’  Number one, we had embryos put back, not eggs. Number two, check out her lovely vagina! Look at his cutie pie penis!!


Though sometimes even we have trouble telling them apart in pictures. They are remarkably similar in appearance:

Do you know which is which?

I do.

She’s the one with the hair that is growing so fast suddenly, and may or may not have a wave/curl to it. He’s the one with four strands of three-and-a-half-inch blonde white hair that bob around in the breeze. He’s the one with eyes so blue they are sometimes startling. She’s the one who likes smiling for the camera.

Sheesh already.