Action packed excitment in entry form.


I’m awake. TMD’s dad called and spoiled my lovely ‘let’s all sleep because we’re jetlagged and sick’ haze. Coconut and Snort are still slumbering – I should check on them, actually. Hang on.

Okay, back. They are both still asleep, though when I touched Coconut’s tummy to check her breathing, she moved slightly and I sprang back from the cot like it was on fire. I froze in some fucked up position, thinking, ‘Please don’t wake up yet, stay asleep, just a little, I need to poop.’ Really I suppose I should want them to wake up, to stop the jetlag from carrying on. It’s odd.

As an adult, I do think the jetlag is montrous coming from Country A to Country B. Most people are fucked up by the overnight flight. I know I rarely have slept on it (and oh, do you want to hear how yetserday’s overnight flight went? Fuck a doodle doo, yo.), and then you emerge from the airport on this side and it’s daylight, despite the fact that your body is telling you it’s one in the morning.

But the babies weren’t bad. Their sleep was totally fucked due to that flight, but both had their first feed in the 11 am hour yesterday. Not too shabby, and think they’ll adjust back quite easily. *touch wood*

But flying to Country A? Usually no jetlag, though you may want to hop into bed a bit early the first night. But Snort and Coconut? Up at 3 am, in bed by 4 pm for the first few days. Holy awesomeness, right? I know everyone wants to be up for the day at 3 am. I may in fact become some sort of shift worker, just so I can start living like someone who has no need to see the sunlight.

Eventually their schedule shifted back – at first by minutes a day, and then hours. It was perfect by about a week and a half.

Fuck. Would you look at me? Writing about jetlag and sleep schedules. I AM SO TIRED. Damn you, TMD’s dad.


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3 Responses to “Action packed excitment in entry form.”

  1. Christy @ Jinxyisms Says:

    Welcome home! I can’t wait to hear about your trip and see pictures.

  2. Beecher Says:

    I so feel for you! We flew to London from the US this past spring with a 7mo old. All day connecting flights to catch the US to London flight and when we arrived we were an ugly mess. Coffee? Lots of it…and water!
    Hope it gets better soon.

  3. cuddlynn Says:

    Welcome home! Patiently waiting to hear about your trip, and looking forward to seeing some pics.

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