Travel, travel everywhere.


TMD and I are, quite simply, exhausted. I think seventeen weeks of baby-intensity might be where it gets a little hairy. Nothing has changed. The babies are lovely, cheerful, laughy kids. But, wow, you know. I almost miss when I had the swine flu and got to sleep uninterrupted for three days.

The thing is they are both closer and closer to sleeping through (okay, Snort did for a long time and is now weirdly not totally doing it). If the last feed is in the 7 or 8 pm hour, they will both sleep for hours and hours and hours. They wake up about 5 and 5:30 am. While it’s fabulous that they sleep so long, and also fabulous that they are (mostly) willing to go back to sleep after this feed, it’s killer to have to wake up at this time of day. We’re actually nostalgic for the days when they would wake up at 3 and 3:30. At least you can go back to sleep for a satisfying amount of time at 4 am. 6 am? Not so much.

We had an appointment for their eyes to be tested at the hospital this morning, and it was so painful to wake up. We hit snooze about seven thousand times. Luckily we are an effective team and we have easygoing babies, so waking up super late didn’t impact on our leaving time or the hospital at all.

I think what is making it tough is our impending trip. We are going to spend two weeks in Country A at my mom’s, the house where I grew up. While we are looking forward to this, we have been strategizing for months about travelling for such an extended period of time with baby twins. One website I like, where mothers of multiples contribute info based on their experience, had a huge and terrifying blog entry about plane travel with babies. It was like three pages of densely packed text, with little to no paragraph breaks.

How to pack for multiples. What to take on the plane for multiples. How to entertain multiples.

Her babies? 18 months old. Her plane trip? Two hours.

Yikes! We’ll have two four month olds, and our travel time from (hotel) door to mom’s door? Hopefully no more than 15 hours.

Think it will be okay. Going to ultilize all four carry on bags – one diaper bag, one toy and ‘ish’ bag, one feeding bag, and one bag for assorted other adult shit (you know, like our combined seven passports!). We’re probably going to bring ring slings on board, as they are way more portable and the babies like them. Plus, as good as I am getting with the wraps, 5.2 metres of fabric is a lot of fabric to be fucking with in a confined space.

So. Any tips for travelling with babies? Things you fucked up on that you want to share so we can avoid fucking up?

I think it will be okay. It’ll be, much like everything else, much more tiring for us than the babies*. We are going to be spending the night at a hotel close to the airport on next Saturday, so not too much time to pack. Especially since, y’know, you can’t make babies just wear the same shit over and over so you can pack their clothes.

Not that, y’know, we’re already wearing the same shit over and over, ’cause that’s how we roll.


* The most true sentence I ever wrote.


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9 Responses to “Travel, travel everywhere.”

  1. CJ Says:

    I brought baby J home when she was just four weeks old (and four pounds) on a plane. I just had a bottle (couldn’t breast feed her, as she was adopted.) But have a boobie (or two) on hand!

  2. apieceofwood Says:

    I bet you so do wear the same stuff! snigger

  3. nutella Says:

    We flew with our son at 4 months old. 2 hour flight, and he was totally fine much to our relief. He slept much of the way and happily ate on the plane. I made sure that if he was awake during take off or landing he was sucking on something, either pacifier, bottle, or boob since that can help alleviate any inner ear pain.

    Getting through security was a PITA. We were not allowed to keep him in the wrap or sling, even though he was sleeping. They opened every single bottle of prepared formula or breastmilk that we had with us and put it under a vapor “sniffer”. Hopefully someone will take pity on you and escort you to your own lane.

    With the SPD, have you thought about the possiblilty of getting wheelchair or golf cart assistance? That may make things easier all around. I know that over here upon arrival you can get the cart to pick you up at the gate, and take you to baggage claim. Not sure how it works on departure. But pretty sure it has to be arranged in advance.

    We gate checked the stroller and car seat and it was fine both times. One of the best things we did is have someone at our destination buy diapers for us so we only had to pack as many as we would need on the plane.

    Good luck!

  4. shriekhouse Says:

    You and TMD should each pack an extra shirt for *yourselves* in the carry-ons, because it’s almost guaranteed you’ll get horked on when flying with a baby, let alone two. Also: many many plastic bags for, uh, wet things. And I’m sure you know you’re supposed to nurse on landings & takeoffs (for the ears) so I guess either tandem feed or offer a pacifier/finger for the other baby?

    Good luck, it will be hard but it is ONE DAY and you’ll all get through it.

  5. karen Says:

    no multiples here, but i have flown alone with one baby several times, and it’s easier when they’re younger. those 18 month olds (or 12 month old, in my case, at the moment) are trying to scramble off your lap the entire time. so, there’s that.

    my tip: if you’re on a flight with three seats in a row, reserve the aisle and the window. people are more likely to skip the middle seat on a less-crowded flight, so you might end up with the whole row to yourselves. And if not, the other person will be more than happy to switch out of that miserable middle seat so you and TMD can sit next to each other.

  6. Andrea Says:

    Not with multiples but I just flew with Henry 3 weeks ago by my self. 6hrs flight time. Let me tell you, it wasn’t bad! The scariest part is security. If it makes you feel better “practice” security at home before going.

    I got the whole row to myself on 2 flights going but on the way back I got roomies. They were very nice. Which leads me to my next point – people are going to be so freaking nice and polite to you. All you have to do is ask.

    You’ll do great!!

  7. Anna Says:

    I found half a valium kept me pretty mellow – nothing’s gonna happen, it’s gonna pass, they’ll cry at some points, it’s a long flight, calm mummies makes it all calmer x That was only one, but you have the same ratio of adults to babies

  8. Christine LaRocque Says:

    I bet…(I hope!) it will be way easier than you think. Have travelled (albeit with one) on a plane 3 times before he was two. He was so entertained by his surroundings that we had few bumps (pardon the pun) along the way. Did one by myself, you’ll be exhausted no doubt, but I’m sure you’ll come out on the other side thinking, wow, we can conquer the world! Literally and figuratively. Happy & safe travels!

  9. Okonek Says:

    This post reminds me of something my Uncle Rick once said…

    if a sweat shop factory had air conditioning would it still be called a sweat shop?

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