David Bowie ain’t the only one who can dance, magic, dance.


Just a quickie before the morning feeds commence. I was just baby dancing, and I thought I would show you guys what it’s like:

This is dancing-for-an-audience-in-bouncy-chairs. It’s good. Perhaps better is kneeling-over-audience-on-the-floor-and-dancing-with-your-head-and-facial-expressions.

I don’t know if it’s weird to say about yourself or not, but I totally think I’m a really fun mom. I hope my kids smile and laugh as much in twenty years as they do now. Fun, joy, exploration, being silly, imagination, creativity. This is one aspect of what I want to help instill in them.


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3 Responses to “David Bowie ain’t the only one who can dance, magic, dance.”

  1. Tatiana Says:

    They look so enthralled with you.

    I can’t wait for the post about “jump, magic, jump” and how exhausted you are from bouncing around 😉

  2. Darlene Says:

    Awesome!! You’re a great mom! And I’m quite sure that if in twenty years you are still doing the same dance steps, they will smile and laugh. lol

  3. Jinxy Says:

    You are totally a fun mom!!

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