Eczema help, please?


There are a lot of things I could write about at this point, but only one topic has really been on our minds every day…and now, nights, too. Snort’s eczema. The second we stop using steroids (okay, a day or so after) it flares up again.

Yesterday I tried the cream I’d been saving, my big hitter. It is from Country A, so I superstitiously believed that would somehow make it more healing, more effective, more…um….good. After six hours of using that cream, he looked like he’s been sunbathing in hell. Every single part of his face was a flaming red. The skin had thickened, those dreaded bumps that ooze were everywhere, and it was all hot to the touch. Back to cream #3, and thank god he’s going to the doctor this afternoon.

Last night he refused to sleep. He would scream and scream unless being held, and of course rubbing and scratching his face. TMD ended up sleeping sitting upright on the couch while holding him. Poor chuck.

And his sister? She’s got a few teeny tiny patches of eczema. Thank god she isn’t the one with this, because while his skin may make him look like a stunt double in a horror flick, hers is actually more sensitive. I put a dab of cream #3 on my finger today and swiped it across her dry patch, ending on her cheek. She immediately screamed like I had plunged a knife into her stomach. She squeezed her eyes shut, kept screaming, wouldn’t be comforted. Then I saw it: a perfect, single finger swipe of deep, angry pink/purple on her cheek.  Her instant reaction to the cream has gone down now, but lesson learned.

TMD cancelled Coconut’s doctor appointment today because most of her tummy rash and other things had gone away. Snort is still, well, Snort. The eczema is on face (including eyelids!), neck, scalp, chest, tummy, arms, legs, even the his ankle creases. Nowhere is as angry or terrible as his face, though.

At first I think it bothered me more than him, because it just looked so sore and, well, ugly. But now he spends all of his awake time rubbing and scratching. I have put cream #3 on so heavily that it is a white spread of stuff on his face (think: cream cheese). The second it soaks in, I reapply so it is thick and white again.  TMD did this constantly overnight, and his forehead is looking better.

I know the doctor is going to give us more steroids. I don’t want to use them on his face. If it would calm this massive flare up, and then the eczema would be manageable with some cream, fine. Fact is, we haven’t found our magic cream yet. I spent hours last night online, looking at very expensive organic and homeopathic shit we would have to import. I don’t mind paying for it if it will help, but jesus is it a lot of money to spend when chances are it won’t. Argh. We also have no idea what is triggering this, though I am wondering about dairy as cream #4 apparently has milk protein in it.

I suppose the good news is that this has all sparked my Buddhist practice again, and I’ve been doing gongyo in the morning with the babies, and we did it as a family last night.

ANYONE with any cream recommendations specific to babies and eczema, let me know. Sorry this is a dull subject to read, and congrats if you got this far. I am just so worried about him, and last night I was crying and feeling guilty because everything got so much worse after I applied the cream I just HAD to use.


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5 Responses to “Eczema help, please?”

  1. Megs Says:

    Have you tried the Aveeno yet? Im telling you, its magic. This is the baby version
    I swear its something to do with the oatmeal, its very natural and good for sensitive skin. Honestly Im about to buy this and bring it to your house.

  2. existere Says:

    We used the adult version you can buy in Boots yesterday. He had an instant horrible reaction to it. Someone told me it has milk protein in it, so perhaps he is allergic to dairy? He’s being switched to soy milk as of now anyway.

  3. saralema Says:

    Aveeno was one that my doctor recommended but it seemed to irritate MP’s skin. Whenever I used the bath soap, she ended up with a slight rash the next day.

    Cetaphil is what worked best for us. We use it both as our soap and lotion It’s not your standard baby soap, but her skin doesn’t react. It’s not baby formula, but it works. When my father was going through chemo, his skin was super sensitive (angry red and pealing off) from the treatment and his doctors had him use Cetaphil since it is so gentle.

    If you can’t get Cetaphil, there must be something comparable to it there. Perhaps a pharmacist could recommend lotion/soaps for super sensitive skin? Or if you know someone who has had to go through chemo, they could make a suggetions.

    Here’s a group that had some helpful info when MP’s eczema’s first flared.
    (This is my first attempt at tinyurl. I hope it worked.)

  4. Darlene Says:

    I have no idea where you are but try Vaxa International. Their website is and their toll free phone number is 1-877-622-VAXA ( 8292) Call and ask them what they suggest. Vaxa is a neutraceutical (sp?company my son works for.
    ALL the VÄXA products are backed by a 30-Day Guarantee to all their Customers. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the bottles (empty or full) for a full product refund, less any shipping fees incurred.

    I read the following in their online library:
    Sufferers and their loved ones may wonder if there is an eczema treatment available to defuse the pain. There is.

    Eczema is an allergic condition that causes inflammation of the skin. The reaction is triggered by anything that touches the skin (ie: lotion, harsh detergents, clothing) and causes it to inflame. Dry, flaky, red patches are also a sign of eczema and they can be found on the arms, legs and face.

    An eczema treatment that can help the adults and children affected by this disorder can be a lifestyle change. Using a low-water and high-oil content cream or ointment is an important eczema treatment, as is the avoidance of over-bathing.

    Antihistamines, diphendydramine, and hydroxyzine can also be an eczema treatment.

  5. Anna Says:

    My niece had screaming eczema as a baby and it turned out to be a reaction to cow’s milk – she wouldn’t breast feed properly (bad baby), we swapped babies and sis could feed my boy but I couldn’t get Lucy to do it without biting – anyway, she was switched to soya baby milk (can’t remember what it was called but it was free on prescription due to the excema) and all was good. Best wishes x

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