Help a sista out, or at least give her props.


Look what I just did:

This is me and Snort about an hour ago – my first attempt at getting him in a back carry. I was bent over facing the floor while I tried to sort this out, and he was just laughing and laughing. I know it’s way too loose. Any suggestions on how to make it tighter are very welcome.

This is the first step in wearing both babies – one on my back (Snort, better head control) and one on my front (Coconut, lighter baby by a bit). I think I am going to need a long, long wrap. I am undecided about wearing both in one wrap, or in two separate wraps. There are distinct advantages to both.

Even with the two size 7 Didys we’ve got, I don’t think I would be able to wear both. If I put Coconut on second, I don’t think it’s long enough to wrap around Snort’s back. If I put her on first, I am not good enough with getting Snort on my back, and neither baby likes being worn on front and me leaning over…particularly with no hands to support her little head. I know I can use one of the straps to hold her, but I’m not happy about it.

I need a lightweight, superlong wrap. I’m thinking 6 metres? I don’t know. Not sure if any of you are babywearers (though I know CJ knows about it! How much? Not sure…fill me in!!), but any ideas are welcome. Hell, even if you have never had your baby out of the stroller, but think you’ve got input, let me know!!

I want to be able to wear both in the most secure way for them – but also important for me to have excellent support as I am still healing and need to be gentle with my body. ANYWAY, isn’t this super cool for a first attempt? This whole week I have been guinea pigging the babies and trying all sorts of different carries, but I know this back carry will be a keeper….after a LOT more practice.

Love to all!


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6 Responses to “Help a sista out, or at least give her props.”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    hi! i’m Mama E from the carry me blog (i forgot i started a blog-haha!). it looks like you’re doing great!! my best advice is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! i swear one day you want to cry and give up on wrapping and the next thing you know you’ve got it and feel like a pro! and get over to–lots more videos and advice and pics of pretty wraps…

  2. Gliding through motherhood Says:

    I’m super impressed. I use a beco carrier because i was way too nervous trying to attach a baby to my back in anything else. I’ve yet to double carry but think I could with a mei tai on the front and the beco on my back fairly easily.

  3. Darlene Says:

    Totally out of my element on this one! lol

  4. Darlene Says:

    PS What a nice smile you have!!!

  5. Michelle @ Says:

    Very cool – if you’re committed to wraps, you might want to check the Moby site as they have some good instructions that will work with a woven wrap too. Lots of moms of multiples seem to do well with mei tais: either one + a wrap or two of them. It’s a lot of fabric to manage. For hip carries, I’ve sold several sets of two pouches – one for each baby.

  6. CJ Says:

    I’ve tried them all!! Can’t wait to see the one you got! Great first attempt!

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