I look upon you with SUSPICION.




7 Responses to “I look upon you with SUSPICION.”

  1. Tatiana Says:


    made me giggle so much ❤

  2. eccedentesiast Says:


  3. tysdaddy Says:

    Or he’s working on a nice, juicy shit . . .

  4. Darlene Says:

    Hahaha Another good title read with a fake Italian accent would be: Phooey! I pooop on you!

  5. Katie Says:

    “What chu talkin’ bout, Mama?” She makes the best faces.

  6. Tia Says:

    that’s so a you look. i know it. she’s so cute!

  7. CJ Says:

    That look won’t be so cute in four years!!! But it’s a-frickin-dorable now!

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