Our whole house smells like a movie theatre.


So. Three things.

1. Coconut’s poop switched to smelling like butter flavoured microwave popcorn about a week ago, and now Snort’s smells that way too. I love it.

2. In the middle of the night last night, Snort was manipulating his tongue and practicing new sounds. He said ‘Hello’ as clear as day and it was freaky!

3. Snort’s face is all messed up and oozing. Think it is infected exzema. We have antibiotic cream, but doesn’t seem to be working. TMD taking him to the doctor this evening. Cross your fingers for him, and for me – my heart can’t handle anxiety, apparently. I am all nervy about this!


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3 Responses to “Our whole house smells like a movie theatre.”

  1. saralema Says:

    Oh, poor Snort! Eczema is no fun. MP’s finally went away once I took ALL dairy and egg out of my diet. Is it possible there is something in his formula that could be causing his?

  2. existere Says:

    I don’t know. He has been absolutely fine, this is a new thing. I am wondering about allergies, I must say. It’s even on his poor eyelids.

  3. CJ Says:

    Yikes, hope Snort is okay! Maybe it is allergies….especially if it’s on his eyes too.

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