5ucK!t, TuRdF@c3.


More and more I have trouble reading those fucking spam avoider things. You know the ones. ‘Enter the text you see in the box. Having trouble? Click here.’

They used to be so easy. ‘BoxMom.’ ‘RedSmile.’  Then they went a bit surreal….’AppP3lk43,’ etc. Now they are all artistically fucking dotted around with dabs of paint, and the lettering is all wavy and messed up. It’s like they got some people with dubious creative talents to design these things, just out of pity or something.

Either that or I am going fucking bananas blind.


One Response to “5ucK!t, TuRdF@c3.”

  1. tysdaddy Says:

    It’s not you. They are FUBAR . . .

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