Been away on Swine Flu Island. Am on my way back to the mainland now, but on a rickety raft that isn’t moving too fast.

I think my favourite tourist attraction is the ‘shit your pants without realising it and lay in your own poop soup for a few hours’ railroad company.



3 Responses to “Niiice.”

  1. 2momswithaplan Says:

    Oy! I hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. Jess Says:

    I really wish I could ‘like’ updates on here like you can on Facebook. This is definitely one of my favourite entries in a long while. Hahaha. Poor you. Hope you feel better soon though! ^_^

  3. Darlene Says:

    How terribly funny!!! Of course, the fact that it isn’t happening to me helps. lol Still, I hope you all feel better real soon!

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