Cutting the mustard.

  • Went to MIL’s this weekend – our first big trip with Coconut and Snort. All went well, except MIL didn’t bother to tell us she was raging sick. Now TMD is locked in the bedroom after being sick all night (this is the second time in ten years she has been sick), my throat hurts, and Coconut has decided that she really doesn’t need to eat. Coughing, coughing. All of this is reeeeeeeeally convenient because they are due for their second set of jabs tomorrow and can’t get them if they are sick.
  • I ordered two Didymos wraps yesterday, Katja and Simon. FIL was going to get us cotbeds for the birth gift, but we’ve received another free cot off of freecycle and will stick with two cots. Both are still shoehorned into the same cot in our room at present. We don’t want them to move out. Anyway, he’s getting the wraps and the mattress for the new cot as the updated baby gift.
  • Lots to say about babywearing. More later.
  • Crazy ass healthy visitor coming today for their three month check up. Going to weigh and measure them too. I’m curious, because they seem like behemoth babies to me.
  • Okay. Both fidgety and cry-ish a bit. Damn you MIL. And then you have the nerve to say, ‘I was sick,but I’m fine now. This isn’t a cough, it’s a tickle in my throat’ as you HACK UP A LUNG.

Lots more later. I have oodles of pics I need to upload as well.


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3 Responses to “Cutting the mustard.”

  1. saralema Says:

    Are Didymos like Moby Wraps- a super long piece of frabic you wrap around yourself to hold child in? I LOVE my wrap. MP gets super excited whenever she sees me putting it on- arms flail and chatter flies.

    Hoping health returns to your home quickly!

  2. Tatiana Says:

    Your MIL pretty much drives me insane from across the ocean.

    Next baby, I am definitely getting a wrap. I do not like our mei tai AT ALL.

  3. CJ Says:

    Ok, I feel like a moron. I am very familiar with Didymos and just about EVERY other type of baby carrier. But what is this “cot” thing of which you speak? Is this like a crib, or different? Educate me, oh wise one!

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