Two spermies, two eggies, two babies.


My babies were conceived with donor sperm. Somewhere out there, another little baby was conceived with my donor eggs. Somehow it just seems like a big, sloppy, supportive world sometimes.


I’m glad about that.


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4 Responses to “Two spermies, two eggies, two babies.”

  1. Jinxy Says:

    I’m glad about that too. It makes getting up easier some days to remember that sometimes people really do help people.

  2. 2momswithaplan Says:

    I think that is just wonderful!

  3. Dora Says:

    YES! Right now I am filled with joy over the generosity in the world.

    The babies are beyond adorable!

  4. apieceofwood Says:

    I donated as well and love to think there is a little bit of me out there somewhere!

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