One small step for other people, one giant leap for me.


Yesterday was a banner day. (If you had told me a year ago this would be considered a ‘banner day,’ I would not have believed you.)

We drove up to this store we’d heard of, and it was like heaven inside. No, I’m not talking about the awesomeness of the contents of the store, but the fact that I walked around inside WITHOUT CRUTCHES.

I brought the crutches along, but decided to leave them in the car. I ALSO PUSHED COCONUT AND SNORT AROUND!!! It was quite painful, and we had to stop and  hang out in the cafe for quite some time so my crotch could have a rest, but it was oh so worth it. We walked around like a real live family, I told TMD she had shit taste in curtains, random members of the public kept making comments.

I have lived for the possibility that I would one day be outside and hear these comments. Oh, yes, they did not annoy me. I am a twin mother relishing disgusting and twee comments about my twins.

It was fucking amazing to be out with them, pushing them. I felt so proud to be their mom. And fuck did we have fun. I love TMD because even the most mundane thing can be enjoyable with her. She also has my back times ten, making sure to take the pram when it needed to be lifted over curbs, etc.

I’m feeling really positive about my recovery. Last night was a bit bad, but my back is pretty okay this morning. My crotch? Still a wee bit sore, but who’s counting?

I pushed my babies around! I got out of the house! We bought some stuff! I had a cheese toasty that made me shit uncontrollably when I got home!

This is my definition of a good day.


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5 Responses to “One small step for other people, one giant leap for me.”

  1. Skeet Says:

    Sounds like the perfect day….Soon the pear and cherry can go out together!

  2. Skeet Says:

    Seriously, the sad/emo pentagon disturbs me.

  3. Blazer Says:

    It does sound like a great day, but maybe you should stay away from the cheese toasty?

  4. Jinxy Says:

    Super Woot about pushing the babies around!!

    I seriously love all the wonderful comments I get about Lily when we are out and about, I can’t imagine how it would be times two.

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