My family matters.


What do you want me to say? I could write a right on political statement about why gay rights are worth fighting for, but it’s nothing you haven’t read before. Nothing you don’t already agree or disagree with.

Step into my life for one day, one morning, one instant.

I stare down at my two ten week old babies, and I pause. My heart aches. My family matters. We are worth it. My children have two moms, and I believe they are all the luckier for it.

I can’t believe that people are fighting in courts, running campaigns, debating civil rights. It just doesn’t make sense to me. What’s NOT to embrace? Our babies poop, we like to tickle them, we all love each other.

Yet we aren’t recognised in the country I was born in. My children and I are citizens of that country, and yet we couldn’t move there and bring their Mum with us. We are nervous stepping off the plane when we arrive there, and it makes me feel small and nervous and ANGRY.

We are living on the other side of the world from my family, and this is because I choose our family over the family I was born into – and there shouldn’t have to be a choice.

My children deserve to grow up in a world where all people are celebrated. Fuck acceptance or tolerance – we ARE all different, it’s stupid to pretend we aren’t, and it’s even stupider to not realise how powerful that makes us as people. How much we have to learn, how much we have to experience. How much stronger our own communities could be, and how much stronger we could all be if we joined together.

As that country debates gay marriage, laws that could impact immigration, people are angry…on both sides. While the storm rages on, people are embarassed, outraged, empowered, impotent, strengthened, saddened, surprised.

And here I sit, with two babies who laugh in their sleep, have full tummies, light up when they see their Mummy is home from work, who watch everything we do with intense concentration. I look at these two little people and my heart clenches. They are worth being brought up in a world that won’t make them feel awkward or afraid. We are a family, and we are worth it.

My son and daughter may be gay, straight, trans. They may be rock stars, scientists, musicians, perpetual students. They may choose to be single, or to be with someone from a different race. And you know what? I don’t care, because I love them.

If this world had a little more love, we’d all be a lot better off.


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6 Responses to “My family matters.”

  1. Nina Says:

    AMEN!!! I live in the US and people STILL look at me like I’m crazy when I talk about my sister’s wife. It’s sad. Just know that there are people out there that except and embrace everyone for who they really are. You two are GREAT Mommies and your babies are indeed lucky. 🙂

  2. Tatiana Says:

    I just hope our children don’t have to fight this fight. I hope it’s won before they even know it’s an issue.

  3. Katie Says:

    Know that there are MANY people over here who whole-heartedly agree with you (even if our government is retarded!) and stand up for gay rights every chance we get!
    (God, your babies are cute!)

  4. Blazer Says:

    Your family does deserve to be celebrated and those babies are damn cute too!

  5. Jinxy Says:

    I agree with Tatiana, I hope our children look at us like we are crazy when we tell them how it was back in the day. Sort of like I look at my grandparents like they are crazy when they say that there were separate water fountains for the different races.

  6. CJ Says:

    Don’t you know homosexuality is as sinful as beastiality, pediophilia and rape? Geesh, I got the memo, surprised you didn’t! Your family matters to me, if that matters!

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