Honest scrap award.



2momswithaplan gave me this Honest Scrap award. This is an honour because I love, love, LOVE their blog. It is one of my favouritist blogs on the planet, and precisely so because of the deep level of honesty, humour, and hopefulness. If anyone deserves the best in life, these two girlies (and their future babies!) do.

There are three rules for this award:

First, link back to the person who gave you the award (see above)

Next, give the award to 10 other bloggers.
1. averygoodyear – I found this blog when myself and its writer were both pregnant. She is witty, truthful, and unafraid to look closely at her life. She has morphed from an anonymous blogger I liked into a friend; I also want to bite her daughter’s head off and CHEW HER ADORABLE FACE, but I try not to dwell on that aspect of things.
2.  vanishingsouthgeorgia – This guy takes pictures of things worth seeing.
3. reallivepreacher – I’m not Christian and I rarely read this blog anymore, but wanted to list it as it always impressed and fascinated me. It’s written (very well, in fact) by a preacher who is very open about his struggles with belief, yet cares deeply for his role and his community.
4. How do you do it? – this blog is a collective effort of mums of multiples. I find it invaluable – not just to learn from those with older twins or triplets, but just to know other people have felt how I feel. I love this blog. LOVE it.
5. Wiser Mom – Well, this lady has twins and is a family therapist. This was the initial attraction, as we have these things  in common, but now I like her for her honesty, humour, and wit. She also doesn’t mind (or doesn’t admit that she minds) when I write her panic-filled, teary emails about having newborn twins.
6. Jinxyisms – This is a rare blog entry, as it isn’t just her blog I enjoy.  While I love her copious pictures of her cutie patootie baby (and if I lived closer I would actually stuff her kid’s clothes into my handbag when she wasn’t looking, because I NEED Coconut to have them), I REALLY like her as a person. She is my facebook beeatch, and this is a gratuitous shout out.
7. Somewhat Aloof – I have known this girlie in real life for thirteen years, and only reconnected with her about three months ago. While this might SEEM like a gratuitous shout out, I actually love her writing. She’s just so fucking funny and perceptive. She’s also one of the most lovely people you’ll ever know. (Okay, that last bit might have been gratuitous.)
8. Sundays in Seattle – This woman sees everything through hope-coloured lenses. She is creative, yearning, and there is something satisfying about this blog…among her others. She also happens to be my sister.
9. Word and Image – Every time I see a fucking awesome piece of artwork pop in my reader, I say, ‘Fuck, that’s awesome. What blog is this?’ and it is always, always, always this one.
10. The Exact Science of Manic Depression – When it comes to an honest examination of one’s life, you will rarely find someone doing it better than this guy.
(Apologies to all the blogs I love that aren’t listed here.  I started this post months and months ago, and have since discovered more great minds online. Maybe next time, yo!)

Third, list 10 honest things about yourself.

1.  Giving birth has not messed up my sex drive. In fact, ‘marital relations’ have never been so good.

2. I think I might have a compulsive personality when it comes to shopping online. My new hobby is watching items in eBay, for days on end. It’s like window shopping for the poor, because I very rarely actually buy anything.

3. I am lonely, I think. I love love love my children, but wish I was more able to take them out into the big, wide world.

4. I am sad about pumpkin patches. A whole entry might be coming on this, so I’ll leave it at this for now.

5. I used to self harm.

6. I love pockets, planners, purses. Anything that smacks of organisation….though I am shit at actually organising anything that does not fit into a pocket, purse, or planner.

7. A few years ago I bought three or four planners/diaries for the new year, and since then TMD will not let me forget it. I am currently involved in the pleasant task of agonising over the task of choosing between two I really like for 2010.

8. My nipples seem to be returning to normal after breastfeeding the twinlets. I still get really upset about not breastfeeding every now and then.

9. My ex-therapist sent a gorgeous note and two pairs of snuggly slippers for the babies, and I was so pleased to hear from her. I like outside validation. I need people to tell me how good I am at things, and it surprises me, and I am gladdened. (When someone says they like my writing, I feel good for a long time afterwards.)

10. Lately whenever I wipe my ass I get poop on my hand. How the HELL does this happen?


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One Response to “Honest scrap award.”

  1. Jinxy Says:

    I think this might be the first time that I’m glad you don’t live closer. LOL.

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