Shout outs to my homies.


Yesterday I made a stroppy remark on Twitter about how nobody paid attention to me. (I know, I know. Boo fuckin’ hoo, right??)

Look what I got!!!!


This is Tatiana and her gorgeous, cheeky girl Maia.

A few minutes later, Jinxy sent myself AND Tatiana this:


Yes, it’s her and her luscious Lily. And a skillfully drawn Montana moose.

Can I just say, I wish these people lived very nearby? I also wish that about Becky. It’s funny. Jinxy always feels sort of close because, well, I waste a LOT of time on Facebook. I’ve discovered some dull ass games that, when played one after the other, actually make for a pretty entertaining time. And I don’t think Jinxy will mind me saying that she plays the same games. Yes, we are soul sisters in a terrain of shit graphics and unchallenging ways to pass the time.

And Tatiana? Well. I have felt like we haven’t talked much lately, and was actually wondering if she still liked me (THIS IS SO HIGH SCHOOL and I cannot believe I am admitting it.), so this picture was nice on many, many fronts.

It’s funny.

I am finding ways to connect with friends via this handy little netbook, keeping me in some sort of contact with the outside world. (I feel grateful for these two women and their stories, their friendships, their selves.) On top of that, Coconut and Snort are becoming more and more fun to be with. This morning we all hung out. Coconut is quite gifted in moving herself around on the floor, and Snort is still trying to roll over. I don’t know. They were smiling and smiling, and I was laughing, and it all felt really nice.

My world inside these four walls is expanding.

Next step is still to take more steps, with my babies. It’s so gorgeous out. I want to be able to go to twins club, and to the first time mums club I’ve been invited to. I want to take myself out for hot chocolate and writing, with these guys along for the ride.

I want to just be able to walk around and let them see the leaves changing colour.

I do think my SPD is improving. Slow and steady wins the race. Fuck those rabbits (yes, I’m jealous of them), I am a turtle.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to draw shit on pieces of paper and take pictures of it. See you on the flip side.


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2 Responses to “Shout outs to my homies.”

  1. Jinxy Says:

    I love stealing an idea when its good and this was a great one from Tatiana. I totally wish we lived closer to each other.

    I am really enjoying wasting time on those little games. Its silly but like you said if you play one after the other its not bad.

  2. Tatiana Says:

    we love ya lots ❤ don't you ever doubt it!

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