I could star in a horror movie.


Okay, I know it’s Thick to Thin Thursday, and BELIEVE me, I am eager to write an entry on it. But first, I need to tell you what happened this morning – and ask if any of you have any insight?

Before I do that, though, if you left a comment on my last entry (Katie, Jenny, Becky) …I replied in the comments field.

Okay. Now onto the meat of it.

There I was, sitting on my beanbag. I leaned forward and felt a gush of warm liquid. In my narrating-my-every-move-and-thought mode I operate in to help the babies (twins are notorious for slow language development as they don’t get talked to as much as singletons. Not mine!!), I explained to them why I would prefer it to be blood rather than urine.

I know, move on from the shock, people.

Anyway, as I explained to Coconut and Snort, if it was blood chances were it was still my body being all jacked up from pregnancy. If it was urine, well, that was a more serious problem as I don’t want to take after the rest of the women in my family and constantly piss myself post-children.

I stood up, yanked down my pants, and saw a big spot of blood. Of course I was like why the fuck am I still bleeding, but by now I’ve got a nice rhythm. Run panties under cold water (gets the blood out a treat, if you don’t know that trick!), get yet another pair of underwear, slap on a pad.

As I was walking back to the bathroom from the bedroom, holding my panties, my legs felt weird. Slippery. Sticky.

I looked down and, no exaggeration, there was a thick stripe of blood (thinking a solid three to four inches wide) on each thigh, going ALL THE WAY DOWN TO MY KNEES.

This isn’t normal, right?

I wiped at myself with water on toilet paper, to begin with, and felt a real solidarity with my kids, who are constantly getting rubbed with wet cotton balls where the sun don’t shine. Crisis averted, I went back into the lounge to feed Coconut.

And saw blood all over the beanbag.


What is this? Normal post pregnancy, and perhaps post c section, goodness? I looked like the victim of a violent crime, for god’s sake. I am wondering whether the time is approaching to ring the doctor.

Blood update: No more blood to speak of, at the moment. I repeat, WHAT IS THIS??


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3 Responses to “I could star in a horror movie.”

  1. Jinxy Says:

    Dude, you might want to tell someone about this. Someone other then us I mean. šŸ™‚

    Like I told you before I stopped bleeding post c-section at about 4.5 weeks. I did have a period (even though I am breastfeeding) a couple of weeks later but since I got the IUD I haven’t done anything but spot a little bit.

    I know I don’t need to say this but keep us updated.



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