Things you wish I never told you.


So, my first period after giving birth may or may not be over.

Man, that fucker was intense. Three days of bleeding so hard and heavy I didn’t know whether I was actually participating in a bloody sacrifice ritual in a parallel universe. I’ll tell you something gross, if you want. Lean in real close. (Or run away if you don’t want to hear.)

I take baths almost nightly. And two of these baths, during this bloody time of my life, well. The bath water was so full of blood that it went brownish grey and I COULD NOT SEE MY LEGS UNDER THE WATER.  That shit ain’t right.

Neither is the fact that I shrugged, added more hot water, and continued to stew in my own juices. Hey, in my defence, I was reading a really great book.



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6 Responses to “Things you wish I never told you.”

  1. casey Says:

    thank you for sharing.

    I just vurped.

  2. Jinxy Says:

    That is some crazy shit.

  3. Jen(theremotejen) Says:

    And I get bitched at for TMI???
    That, my friend, is some serious bleeding. I don’t think my first was quite that bad, but then, I’ve never been a heavy bleeder. Glad it’s over for you.

  4. faithfulfoodie Says:

    god, you’re honest.

  5. Katie Says:

    the above was from me (was accidentally logged in as my mom.)

  6. CJ Says:

    You are honest! I love it! Just tell us you rinsed off with a shower when you were done stewing!

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