Mom, motherhood, weight loss.


Mom went home yesterday, and boy do I have a lot to write about! I think we both learned a lot about each other, which is interesting because it happened on a scale it hasn’t before. I’m not sure if it is because I am a mother now, too. I felt like she saw me in a different light, and it has made us approach each other on a different level. Was very sad to see her go, and no doubt Snort and Coconut will miss her hangout sessions with them.

Not sure where to go with this entry, mainly because there is SO much to say. I think I will keep it short, as I’m not sure when Coconut is next due a feed….and Snort is awake, so I might give him some Your Mom Is SO FUNNY time. This morning I just poked at his left foot every time he kicked it out, and jesus did he laugh. Over and over and over again. Coconut spent some time squealing with laughter, but I was not the cause. I’m not sure what was, either.


Yesterday they had their first set of immunisations. I was sort of scared about it all, but both have (thus far) responded like troopers. They settled with about 30 seconds of cuddling after the two shots, and still have their appetities, sleeping well, no fevers. Good stuff! We also had them weighed.

So yesterday they were 9 weeks + 1 day. Snort weighed 12 lbs 7.5,  Coconut weighed 11 lbs 8. Can’t believe how big they are, especially when you consider they started at 7 lb 8 and 6 lb 6 (and went down to six something and five something, respectively).

Me? I weigh considerably more.

I’m going to start doing the cheapie version of Weight Watchers; namely, using the skills, knowledge, and experience I got from the last time I did WW. I think attending meetings is a big part of weight loss, for me, so we’ll see how the at home stuff goes. I don’t have the ability to get out (yet!), nor do we have the money to spend on WW.

I’m going to make a page that will keep track of my weight loss. I am fretting about putting my weight on the internet – it’s not something I’ve ever done before, though longterm readers will remember that I successfully lost a lot of weight a few years ago. I only ever put how much I had lost, but now that I am not having The Fear (aka motivation?) of weekly WW weigh ins, I thought this page could function for me in that way. Of course my other concern is how, exactly, to record my weight, as I am still trying to be anonymous. Eh. Fuck it, right?

I gained weight while Mom was here. Bless her, she cooks wonderfully and feels she is being very healthy, but she really doesn’t have a conception of how to eat in order to maintain or lose weight. She’s an average sized lady herself.

I have more weight to lose this time than I did before, but some excellent reasons to do so:

1. Snort.

2. Coconut.

3. My flaming SPD.

I’ll love you and leave you now.


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6 Responses to “Mom, motherhood, weight loss.”

  1. 2momswithaplan Says:

    Yay for a successful mom visit! I noticed the dynamic changed between my mom and I after I moved out. I can’t imagine how much it will change when I become a mother.

    It sounds like Snort and Coconut are growing like weeds! You are doing a great job!

    Good luck on your weight loss. It’s hard but as long as your put your mind to it, you’ll be successful!

  2. Tatiana Says:

    You know what’s interesting to me? You write about your bodily functions in detail… yet hesitate to talk about weight. That says so so much about us as women.

  3. Katie Says:

    Sooo, good luck with the weight loss. Ugh. It blows big donkey dick…er, you’ll feel so good as you’re losing the weight. You know, healthy and stuff. =)

  4. Jenny Says:

    Good luck, and I think posting weight is very liberating, actually! 🙂 175 here!

  5. saralema Says:

    You can do it! Have you heard of Spark People? It’s a weight loss site my sister used it and liked. Best part- it’s free. Maybe it could help with the motivation part.

    In one of the many books I read while pregnant, the author said it took 9 months to put on the weight and to allow yourself 9 months for it to come off. So, remember to be kind to yourself as you being this part of the journey.

  6. Jinxy Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed your mom’s visit. I haven’t seen mine since becoming a Mom myself, I don’t know if she would treat me any differently. We have a weird relationship as it is anyway.

    Good luck with your weight loss. I really need to join you but just don’t have the motivation to do so.

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