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Goddamn, they’re cute. And so are YOU. *mwah*

October 3, 2009

My mom’s coming tomorrow for ten days. She is coming to meet the babies, and to wash the shelves of my fridge. (She doesn’t know that second part, but she will be happy. She likes cleaning. With a frenzied sort of passion.) Not sure much blogging will happen. It’s odd, but I’m coming to think of people from this world as friends.

When I was in university, I was hardcore into the online world, at a time when it was really only very, very new. (Jesus, that makes me sound old.) I spent a lot of time in talkers, which are, I suppose, a low tech, high intelligence version of chatrooms. People went into talkers to actually meet people and converse, as opposed to trying to score a free virtual blow job.

I became quite close with a number of the people I met. Some were ‘only’ online friends (but no less real in friendship terms), some I talked to on the phone, some I met in reality, some I dated. One I almost got engaged to, but then I smashed his heart and dumped him. That’s the summer I came out as bisexual. (Yes, don’t worry. I’m really a lesbian.)

My last blog also led me to some great people, exchanging Real Live Emails and, yes, meeting a few people. Wanting to have met a lot more.

This blog? I don’t know why it strikes me funny that I should feel close to people from the online world, when I’ve clearly got all the geek stamps of approval. Yet it’s even people who merely comment here. You know who you are – if you are a regular, or even semi-regular, commenter, I am coming to be more and more interested in your mind, your opinions, your friendship. No doubt this is partly due to the fact that my world is shrinking in many ways (yet deepening in those ways, too), but also that I am getting to know people.

I guess the oddness is that my old blog was very public. None of this hide-the-face and don’t-use-real-names bullshit. Yet I felt more cloaked and distanced from people there. Here in this anonymous world, I am somehow becoming facebook friends with people, sending them birth announcements, emailing with people. It’s odd how that happens, but I’m grateful it does.

Anyway. Love to you all. I’ll leave you with this:


‘Pick me!’