Oh, Snort, how you love the leg of the television stand. A few days ago I heard a very weird noise, and it was Snort – laughing at the leg. He holds lengthly and detailed discussions with TV (TV being the leg stand’s christian name) on the state of the world. He frowns, burbles, smiles, kicks excitedly, stares, worries, and laughs. I’ve never seen anything like it. He is having an affair with the picture in the nursery, but we won’t talk about that. He is happy in his chair next to the tv for literal hours on end.

He also adores looking at himself in the mirror, and has done since he was a very tiny baby.

Snort is so called because of the way he snorts – particularly when crying due to hunger…and what a plaintive, sad little cry it is. We originally found ourselves calling him ‘Chuckles’ due to his very serious and thoughful personality, though that is changing now as he is becoming happier and happier. He loves to be held upright over my shoulder and have a good look around, particularly when dancing to Dizzee Rascal.

Snort has stunning blue eyes and the cutest face imaginable. He is also a giant baby. He is very long and increasingly losing the ‘slender’ that used to follow the ‘long.’ He will probably outgrow 0-3 clothing with feet soon, despite the rest of the babygrow being very spacious.

Snort has an intense look when being fed – it is as if he is memorising my face, trying to figure out all my secrets. I love holding him in a sitting position to burp him, because of the innocent wide eyed face it always provokes. He is a strong boy, and wears his dark blonde wavy hair with grace.

We call Snort his real name in real life. His middle name is the camp where TMD and I met; don’t worry, it’s not anything crazy like Sasagotchee or anything like that.

Snort has the honour of being the very first boy I’ve changed the nappy of. His belly button is herniated and huge. He also loves pacifiers but cannot keep them in his mouth, due to his Crazy Tongue ™.

We love him.

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One Response to “Snort.”

  1. Jinxy Says:

    Again, so sweet!

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