Coconut is thus named because she has a coconut head. I mean this in the nicest way possible. Whilst it was a crazy shape after birth, it very quickly turned itself into one of the nicest heads I’ve ever known – a perfect shape, covered with a coconut downy fuzz. We call her Coconut in real life as well, though she has a lovely name. Her middle name is after my grandmother, and they are like identical twins.

Coconut is a cheerful little soul. She has been smiling with her eyes almost since birth, and seems to take a genuine delight in many things. That being said, she has a hugely demanding and somewhat harsh cry – not something you want to mess around with. Coconut also has been renowned for her creaking and squeaking. We are, as yet, unclear if she is hoping to be a recording artist for haunted house soundtracks, or merely honing her dinosaur language skills.

She is making her Killer Condor noises less and less. While this is nice for her sake as it means she’s less windy, it’s sort of sad because they always made me laugh. However, we do have the delight of her chatting away to us at every opportunity.

Coconut is a snuggly little bundle. When you kiss her cheek, she reponds with a hint of a smile. She’s an altogether very wiggly little girl, with a remarkably strong head. Coconut has an affection for the cow in her crib, reaching out again and again to touch it. She also enjoys exchanging deep, meaninful glances with the dangling monkey on the playgym. On the whole, she loves the playgym. She also spends a large quantity of time staring upwards, and her other mum has just informed me that Coconut is looking at the curtain rail.

Coconut has very sweet smelling breath. She is a soft, chunky girl. She has started to cry real tears, and when her eyelashes are wet she looks like a movie star. She has very big, compelling eyes. Everyone who meets her comments on how alert and interactive she is.

We love her.



2 Responses to “Coconut.”

  1. Jinxy Says:

    Such a lovely post!

    I love that smiley picture of her, its so sweet.

  2. Felicity Says:

    She truly has the loveliest smile I’ve ever seen, she looks so sweet there.

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