More news on the smiling front.


This morning Snort has been smiling and smiling away – at the side of the tv. The leg holding the tv up, to be exact. Both Snort and Coconut have been strangely obsessed with this, turning their heads to stare for huge chunks of time at the tv stand, entranced.

This morning Snort was having quite a detailed conversation with it – frowning, smiling, smiling, laughing (!), burbling, staring. TMD sat down by him in an effort to see if he would smile at her, but he refused to break eye contact with the tv. I got some great pics. (Of course.)

Neither of us has chatted about the fact that our son appears to be in love with a mechanical object, while his two moms are busy dancing their hearts out, smiling, and making lots of eye contact. Nothing compares to the shiny metal. Half human, half crow. (Crows are the ones who go for shiny things, or is that magpies?)

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9 Responses to “More news on the smiling front.”

  1. Casey Says:

    I don’t want the both of you to worry, but have you SEEN “I Married the Eiffel Tower”?


    • existere Says:

      Yes! I have…or at least some show about the lady who did. There was also a lady in love with the altar rail at her local church.

      • casey Says:

        SAW IT.

        And the one who is in love with the fair ride… that was DISTURBING.

        well.. not that the other ones weren’t..

        don’t EVEN you tube the car one.. *barf*

  2. nutella Says:

    So funny when they do that isn’t it? 5 month old Miles is still in love with the ceiling fan and for awhile there the series of picture frames and the exercise machine were fighting it out for his love as well.

  3. CJ Says:

    Hey, at least he isn’t staring at a piece of lint!!

  4. Mina Says:

    How cute 🙂

    LOL at Casey, I’ve seen that too!

  5. Alicia Says:

    All three of my kids have been known to stare off lovingly into an EMPTY corner of the room. Kinda started to freak us out with the third kid – I mean really, what they hell do they see?

  6. Jinxy Says:

    It’s funny the weird things babies get obsessed with.

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