Push it real good.


We’ve had those lovely, but gassy, baby smiles for a few weeks now – particularly from Coconut. On a few occasions, I have wondered if they were real smiles….usually this was followed by her puking on me, or pooping everywhere. Today, though, holy crapamoli.

I was holding her. She was all cosied up from feeding and cuddles. I made my mouth open and close very slowly like a fish. Cue baby smile. I did the fish thing again. Another baby smile. At this point, I got a little interested. More fish, and then a BIG baby smile, including squinting eyes (my mother and I both squint like crazy when we smile – we lose our eyes). I was wondering if this was it. It seemed a more social smile (or series of smiles, I should say), though of course she had just eaten and was sleepy.

Then Snort started screaming to be fed, and I had to put Coconut down without more smiling experimentation. I guess this is a downside of multiples. I HAVE taken some killer pictures of a particularly hectic twenty minutes though. Will post those soon.

First day alone is going really, really well! Have done laundry, made bottles, talked to Aussie for 525920 minutes, and..oh yeah…kept two babies alive. Am hooked up to the TENS machine and haven’t turned it off yet. Only thing I feel bad about is lack of one-to-one time and playing. Also making them live in the bouncy chairs – I know it’s not good for their spines, but TMD made me promise. It’s hard to move around today, really hard, and the priority is keeping me well enough to be able to walk around with a baby in my arms.

On a side note, I may be becoming immune to baby crying. Facial expressions, especially now that real tears are making an appearance, kill me. But crying? I barely hear it. This is a relief as I remember a fateful multiples antenatal class where the instructor played a CD of one baby crying and I almost jumped out of my skin. The glorious, and terrible, thing about facial expressions and baby awareness: the way Snort looks straight at me, expecting me to help him out, while I am feeding Coconut. He just fixes me in his stare – sometimes seeing me and having me talk from a distance can settle him, though it mostly unsettles me.

Been listening to hip hop & r&b today, and have to say that it enables me to get a kick ass rhythm going when I am kicking a bouncy chair to keep it moving. Also, one of the babies had their little fist out last night, and I put my fist against it and went ‘boom.’ I explained this was how all the cool kids said hello (the fist punching, not the booming). I am raising little gangsters….but cute gangsters.


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2 Responses to “Push it real good.”

  1. 2momswithaplan Says:

    My niece does the fist thing and she’s 2. We usually say, “Give me some love” and she does with her fist. Its cute in a gangsta kind of way. 🙂

    It sounds like you are doing a fabulous job! I’m looking forward to a few pictures of “Is it a real smile or just gas?”…. 😀

  2. Jinxy Says:

    I love tiny baby smiles. They are just so sweet.

    Baby tears are the worst. Lily can crank them out in .2 seconds.

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