End of summertime, and the living is (?) easy.


Think I have emailed or facebooked everyone who wanted old blog/baby name stuff. If I forgot you, please kick me in the ass in the comments section. I’m sorry.

Things going well today – such a relief to have a day at home with TMD and the babies. I have officially decided on bloggy names for them, and am also working on a new introduction page. Exciting stuff. I wanted to unveil their blog names with an entry for each of them, and pics for each, but fuck if I have time for that! (Don’t say ‘f’, you GD idiot.)

Baby Girl (aka Torre) = Coconut

Baby Boy (aka Mano) = Snort

I am fairly certain all this name chopping and changing means I am officially crazy, but again. Who cares. I probably AM crazy. I woke up sometime last night (must have been fairly early as TMD was still in the kitchen.)…

I was absolutely positive I was holding Snort. I could feel him breathing in my arms, could feel his feet, etc. Problem? No head. I was gingerly feeling around in the covers for his face, getting more and more freaked out because it was not there, until I started keening for TMD in a panic-ridden voice. She ran in and tried to reassure me – apparently – that Snort was in the cot, and Coconut was still in the lounge. I – apparently – kept feeling for him, mumbling, ‘He’s here, I know he is. Where is his head? The blankets are smothering him.’

This is about the level we are both functioning on most of the time, but especially in the nighttime. Last night was also special because we had our first fight in about 432523 years. It was an interesting thing, happening everytime we got up for Baby Nighttime Funhouse Of Horror. It was mainly me sobbing about her mother, and being ravingly crazy lady mad that TMD had not uninvited Mil from being here.

TMD called Mil today to uninvite her for the final week, and lo and behold, Mil was already on side. She planned to ask tomorrow if we minded if her hubby came up that final week, and they would catch the train into the city, troll around our local area, etc. Essentially leaving me, Coconut, and Snort alone except when popping in so Grandpa could see them again. Hopefully she won’t feel all wounded and hypersensitive that we called her first, but jesus. I actually have had nightmares for the past two nights in a row about her being here. It’s not her, per say – though the obsessive baby winding is making me FUCKING CRAZY INSIDE – I would probably be this way about anyone being here so long.

I am officially my mother, who got freaked out about people being in ‘the family space.’ While I thought she was obnoxious and crazy, I am now a fully paid member of the Family Space Club. Emphasis on immediate family only.

Hope you all are having a good weekend. We are – Meg and Nic came to visit yesterday (we heart them hardcore), and we also got their baby passport pictures taken. Country B is reasonable about baby pictures, but Country A wants babies alert, eyes open and staring right at the camera, head straight, no hands supporting them, in a natural expression. Yeah. That being said, we got the pictures – and I managed to push their pram for the first time ever!!! My crotch is not thanking me for it today, but it felt amazing.

I also got my nicey nice gift from TMD for carrying and birthing the babies – I will have to take a pic and post it as it is gorgeous. And, actually, every mother, pregnant woman, or woman who hopes to be pregnant will want a link to the company website.

Both babies asleep now.

I am still in my nightgown (it’s 4:16pm) – I have to wear clothes as I am still leaking? Wtf? Leaking being not only my still-bleeding vajayjay, but my left boob. I had a dream last night that it was shooting as hard as a firehose. (Last night was eventful, you see.)

I think I am going to go beg a bathtime, read, and shower. Tomorrow we have to leave the house practically before dawn to drive into the city – we have to go to the Embassy to do all the Country A-related things. I am going to have to really live up my cripple status and work my crutches to ensure TMD is allowed in. Afterwards, we may drop into Operation Fingerpaint to have Joy meet the babies.

Busy, busy.

Why can’t I stop writing? I miss it.

Love to all.

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6 Responses to “End of summertime, and the living is (?) easy.”

  1. Tatiana Says:

    Wanna know how much of a superstar you are? You have TWO babies & you’re doing the citizenship stuff within six weeks. I have ONE and it’s been seven months and I don’t have any paperwork filed out 😛

  2. Christina Says:

    Just wanted to drop a note– I’ve been enjoying reading your blog! My wife had twins on May 24th, and I’m already feeling nostalgic reading your posts. Anyway, would be happy to chat about twin/lesbian mom stuff if you are ever interested.

    Must go bathe the boy while the girl is still napping….

  3. Jinxy Says:

    I love the new nicknames, very cute.

    I agree with Tatiana, you are a superstar.

  4. Alicia Says:

    Hey there, I’ve been reading your blog for a week or so now so I thought I should at least say hi. And also, commiserate on how miserable it is to have intruders on The Family Space. Girl, you are preachin’ to the choir there for sure. My MIL stayed with us for the first week of my first son’s life and it was torture and hell and awful and any other synonyms you can think of, that’s what it was. I even got completely neurotic over my mom and dad being here the week BEFORE I gave birth this last time. So I too am a card carrying member of the Family Space Club. Heh.

    So yeah, hi! I hope it’s okay I dropped in 🙂

  5. CJ Says:

    Never stop writing. We would miss you a great deal. And whether you admit it or not, you would miss us too!!

  6. Felicity Says:

    I’m a fully paid up member of the Family Space Club, and as for passport photos for Country A, are they mad? Have they ever tried to get a baby to pose eyes open alert and naturally expressioned? Impossible!

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