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Sorry, I’m totally fucking stupid. Don’t say ‘f’*.

September 18, 2009

Uh, I can’t figure out how to get people’s email addresses from the comments unless they are actually written in the comment itself. So if you would like the address to my last blog, or *excitement* you want to know the real names of the babies, do leave a comment on this entry …. with your email address in the body of the comment.

I am sure there is some way to get the email addresses in another fashion, but hell if I can figure it out on four hours of sleep. Don’t say ‘h’.

* Everytime we swear, we follow it up with this comment. All because my mother once said this to me. It has reached a new level, such as, ‘Give me a GD carrot, you B.’ (That’s Mr. Bluebell talking. See the previous entry if you are uncool enough to not know Mr. Bluebell.)


Literacy levels are soaring.

September 18, 2009


See the rabbit on the back cover? They LOVE the full size rabbit on the inside.

And I know Mommy loves making that rabbit have a very deep voice. Why, just last night Mr. Bluebell told Mil that if she didn’t meet him in the alleyway and give him a carrot, he would come after her and break her kneecaps. Seriously.

He’s good fun, that rabbit.

And now back to the kidlets – aren’t they so fucking cute you could SCREAM?

Drive by pooping.

September 18, 2009

It’s me, g. Yo yo yo, check one two three.

Not sure how long I have till Baby Girl needs to eat, or Mil appears. Last night we chickened out on asking her not to come back in the fourth week, but TMD had a chat with her about how in that week I need whole days alone on my own – giving suggestions on how she could make herself scarce. Feel a bit like an asshat because this lady is paying a lot of money to stay locally, and also clearly wants to help her grandbabies and me as much as possible. Nervous how she will be today, following yesterday’s conversation.

In other news, I’ve got a wicked cold. Baby Girl got it a bit and has recovered, and now Baby Boy is so congested he sounds like he’s been smoking a pack a day for the last twenty years or so. Right now both are sleeping in bouncers at my feet – a sweet sight, and a pleasure to the ears. Have lots and lots of pictures to put up, still will email those of you wanting baby names or link to old blog (leave a comment with your email address if you do!), and also going to have a general tidy up. This blog seems to be my only ‘me space’ at the moment, and I feel very relaxed and happy when I am pottering around.

Today I am also googling things like ‘twin diaper bag’, etc etc. Anyone know of a decent diaper bag with lots of pockets – and big enough for two? I don’t think twins means a bag twice the size necessarily, but definitely need something stury and spacious. TMD is using one of our backpacks, and I can’t get on with that. Everything shoved into one giant area? Fucking hell, man. I need me some organisation.

Crap. One tissue left?!? Need to go on the hunt for more before a baby wakes up…