Today is a special day. (And not just because of what happened at 4 am, though THAT ROCKED.)


Today I was alone with the babies, twice. Time one included screaming, feeding, and throwing up. Time two involved nappy changes, feeding, shit explosions, and naps. I WAS SO HAPPY.

I like being on my own with the babies. I was lucky enough to feed them one after the other, so each feed was nice and calm. I had the birth cd on and sang to each of them while they ate; Baby Girl just stared and stared into my eyes. And then I felt it – the overwhelming rush of love that was like a punch in the stomach – it made my eyes tear. Forty minutes later and Baby Boy shifted suddenly during his feed, paused, and stared right through me. How lucky was I to have a second crashing wave of love run through me?

I think it’s because I was on my own with them. I am more than capable of this. Sure, I’m going to probably cry from stress or pain or fear on occasion. But the powerful feeling of caring for these babies, my boy and girl who are so lovely and cherished? It makes me feel like the strongest woman on earth, the first woman to be so sure and solid and brave.


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6 Responses to “Today is a special day. (And not just because of what happened at 4 am, though THAT ROCKED.)”

  1. slgreatsuccess Says:

    Since you are a mom of twins, perhaps you would be interested in my
    blog called “Seeing Double” posted August 20, 2009 on my blogsite.
    It was my birthday card to my twin sister!

  2. 2momswithaplan Says:

    Oh I so can’t wait to feel that hit in the stomach. *sigh*

    I am so happy that you were able to have your time alone with your babies!

  3. John David Says:

    This is so wonderful to read. I’m so happy you’re in that place! Go Mom!

  4. CJ Says:

    And you are!! It’s amazing how much those little suckers can make you FEEL!

  5. casey Says:

    What a strong woman you are…

    The Power of Mom…



  6. Jinxy Says:

    Sounds like a lovely day and start to me!

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