Little butterball turkeys.


Babies weighed yesterday, and both are now over their birthweights. Getting heavy, yo. But as TMD says, after holding Baby Girl, Baby Boy feels like a toddler. He is now 7 lb 11, she is 6 lb 10 and a bit. Both are in 9th centile for heads and weight, which apparently means they are perfectly in proportion. And both 9th? Twins, yo.

Did you see that? A double ‘yo’.

TMD did every single baby thing last night so I could sleep (she is worried about me and wants me to heal). This had the curious double effect of giving me a good night’s rest, while also making me feel a bit distanced. And now I sit on the couch pumping (and the left side of the pump has stopped working. A very expensive thing to happen.) while everyone else is in the bedroom. I am going to hobble back there and hang out, me thinks.

Thank you for the comments on yesterday’s entry. I don’t know if I am feeling better, worse, or the same. I do know I am feeling more and more pushed aside, through nobody’s fault. At least they are still getting some breastmilk. That makes me feel better. (I’ll write about feeding soon, I promise. It is a work-in-the-making.)


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3 Responses to “Little butterball turkeys.”

  1. Jinxy Says:

    Good job with the growth babies, keep it up. 9th% is really good, Lily has never been over 1st % for weight and .5th% for head.

    Things will get better once you feel better I’m sure of it. I hope it happens soon.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Yay for perfectly proportioned babies – you will have a much easier time with getting clothing to fit them, I think! I’m also still so impressed how big they both are given that there were two of them!

    As for your comment on how many diapers we go through — I think maybe 8-10 or so? It really depends on whether they’re cloth or disposables, though. The 8-10 figure is for all cloth diapers. Most of the diapers I change are peed in only, and with the cloth diapers we are forced to be very very vigilant about changing often because of the leaking issues we’ve been having. The disposables hold a LOT of pee, oh my goodness, and since they fully absorb the moisture we usually don’t change them until they’re really full of pee or until they have been poo’d in. Also we use them when we’re out and about so we don’t just casually check whether it’s time for a diaper change quite as often because we’re out shopping or something like that.

    Facebook friends – absolutely! Our last name is “Go” like the verb followed by the last two syllables of kindergarten. Let me know if that google-encryption is too obscure – just send me an email at if that’s the case.

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