11 days old, first nappy change.


I am itching everywhere and have consequently broken the skin again and again.

Aussie came today for a visit. While I was cuddling our little girl, Aussie gestured at my chest with a confused look. Yes,the scab from a place I’d scratched earlier had broken, a river of blood was running down my chest, and I had left a giant patch of sticky blood all over the side of her freshly-washed head.

After a frantic scrub with some cotton wool, I finished feeding her. Cue diaper change. I have not changed one yet (bad mobility issues, the subject for another entry) and Aussie didn’t know what she was doing, so we attempted it together. She peed everywhere….everywhere. While we were laughing in horror and trying to contain the mess, she promptly puked.

Wtf. She was covered in blood, pee, and puke. Things like this simply don’t seem to happen when Mommy TMD is in charge. Lucky for our little boy (just feeding now) that TMD is back awake, otherwise who knows what calamities might ensue.


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2 Responses to “11 days old, first nappy change.”

  1. HelenEdith Says:

    LOL – did you have to bath her to get rid of all that? 🙂

  2. Jennie Says:

    You just don’t expect this sort of thing when you see the two blue lines on the stick! Sleepless nights, yes, but this, this is unplannable and unanticipatable!!

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