Today is my last full day of pregnancy. Yikes? Hooray?


C section tomorrow – cannot believe it at ALL. Not even a little bit. I think I can believe the part where my stomach is cut open (as I am, truth be told, scared shitless), but it’s the bit about the babies that seems surreal.

This is me at 36+4 (1 August):



And here I am today, at 37+6 (10 Aug):



I wonder what I will look like tomorrow? More importantly, what will those little babies look like??

I am full and empty of words at the same time. Don’t really know what to expect, but hope to be back home for the weekend….not that I may update immediately, though! Keep checking back. I envision posting a baby pic soonish after getting home.

Please think of myself, TMD, Mano, and Torre tomorrow. Thank you!!


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13 Responses to “Today is my last full day of pregnancy. Yikes? Hooray?”

  1. Optimistically Hopeful Says:

    Holy cow! I can’t believe the time has come already! I can’t wait to hear all about your beautiful little babies and find out their real names finally! Wishing you all the best tomorrow!

  2. 2momswithaplan Says:

    Hooray!!!! Is it really that time???? I am soooo freakin excited, I just may pee myself!

    I can’t wait to hear the birth story and see pictures of your beautiful babies! I will keep you and your family in my thoughts tomorrow!

  3. Jenny Says:

    We are so excited for you four! I’m hoping it all goes without a hitch and that you have a really great experience at your hospital. I’m so excited for Mano and Torre to become outdoor babies, and I hope you have great success in your “shove them on the boob no matter what” plan!

  4. Tatiana Says:

    I’m just amazed, excited, and honestly STUNNED that time has gone by so fast. I love you all so much and I can’t wait to hear about their successful, healthy arrival.

  5. Tia Says:

    Oh existere! You and tmd are going to be great mommies! I cant wait to see pictures! I love you tons and best wishes to you, TMD and the babies.

  6. John David Says:

    We will spend all day rooting for you tomorrow! I hope your day is amazing and safe and, as it should be, the best of your life! I love you both! — I mean ALL FOUR of you!

  7. nutella Says:

    Good luck tomorrow, and just keep in mind how happy you’ll be to not be pregnant anymore. You’ve had a rough one and look how wonderfully you’ve done!

  8. Pufferfish Says:

    I’m so happy for both of you that it’s FINALLY here and you’ve made it!! I can’t wait to keep reading about your life with the twins.
    I hope the day goes as planned and you are ALL back home by the weekend.

  9. Juice-ica Says:

    I can’t believe it’s that time already! I’m so excited for you & TMD and I can’t wait to see pictures & find out their names. Lots of love to you, TMD, & the babies. <3333

  10. Anna Says:

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Wishing all of you the very best of birth days.

  11. HelenEdith Says:

    I wish you the very best of luck and hope that everything goes without a hitch.

    It’s so exciting…!

  12. Jennie Says:

    It’s such an amazing thing, and really hard to take in for anyone to have to accept that in less than twentyfour hours you can go from (relatively) childless adults to a fully formed family! I was induced on my first and knew the day on which he would be born, so I had those thoughts too. Enjoy their first few days, take care of yourself and let your body get used to just having itself to look after, and take lots of pictures! You’ll thank yourself further down the line!


  13. beckeee919 Says:

    Good luck tommorrow! I’m sure everything is going to go wonderfully!

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