Bullet points for the uninformed.

  • I have been obsessively writing down every tightening since 15 July (my mother’s birthday, incidentally). At first it was because I was having them so regularly it was scary. Now it’s because it has become an unbreakable habit.
  • When I shook hands goodbye with the doctor last week, I clutched his hand and said, ‘My, your hands are a lovely cool temperature.’ WTF.
  • The homophobic loser nurse had me swab up all in my grill for MRSA. This necessitated a groin swab. As I was locked into position in The Wheelchair From Hell, she handed TMD the swab and said, ‘Your friend, or partner, or work colleague here can do it.’ Yeah, because I ask all my work collegues to rub cotton on my out of control pubic hair.
  • TMD jacked her shoulder up, but this is a very late update as it is fine now. I have also managed to scratch skin off my legs until I am bleeding because this unbearable heat makes me like a crazed animal. Last night I was awake from 4 am – 6:30, part of it spent standing in a cool shower.
  • I had two nights where I didn’t wear panties. This felt unbelieveably risque and daring. I am now back to the ol’ panty house as every time I stand up goop slides out.
  • I haven’t told you this (I don’t think), but my armpits are FUCKED UP. My skin has gone generally funny during pregnancy (oh, aren’t you covered in scabs? Heat rash? Don’t your legs turn an alarming dead person blue/purple when you are sitting or standing?), and both armpits are covered in a plethora of little scabs. I don’t know what to do about it, but I hope it goes away soon.
  • Had my last antenatal appointment today! Midwife found Mano’s heartbeat in my groin and was convinced he was still flip flopping around in utero. It took a good 45 minutes to find his, and Torre’s took approximately 3 seconds.
  • My right ear and cheek are ON FIRE.
  • Tomorrow at 11 am we have our pre-op appointment for the c section. The midwife today said they will scan me prior to the section to confirm baby positions. I asked if this meant they could offer a natural delivery if M had turned. She said possibly. At this point? I WANT THEM OUT NEXT TUESDAY, no bargaining involved.
  • Still have last Saturday’s pics to upload. In them, I am wearing a bra and holding up a purple towel to hide my rather capriscious panties. Yes, I appear to have given up on clothes.
  • 37 weeks 1 day today, which means 37 weeks exactly when our IVF dates are considered. Propa full term, lads and ladettes.
  • Continued thanks for the supportive  comments! They are all so appreciated, especially as I am still cut off from The Real World. Was told today I’d probably still have ‘quite sore’ SPD for a few weeks after the birth, but still!! All that baby, water, and placenta stuff outta there. You guys have been more of a lifeline than I suspect you realise.

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7 Responses to “Bullet points for the uninformed.”

  1. Winnie Says:


  2. ninefirefly Says:

    How exciting! Your babies will be here before you know it and all you will be able to do is look at them all day long. Congrats on full term!

  3. rai Says:

    That is so awesome and you are such a champ!

  4. Felicity Says:

    This is so amazing, and wonderful that you’ve got to full term. I’m so excited for you and TMD, you’re going to have babies and be cool mommies. Btw, I would have totally given the nasty midwife my best death stare ever.

  5. HTML coding for bullet points.the spacing is off? | Html Wrap Says:

    […] Bullet points for the uninformed. « existere (latin): to defence discover … […]

  6. Anna Says:

    Good luck!

  7. HelenEdith Says:

    Funny. I hadn’t seen this blog update for days, and today I visited and found about five posts I hadn’t seen, some with comments going back to July. I reckon my browser must have been cacheing an old post without forward links… 😦

    Anyway, I’ve caught up now, and see that you have a c-section date, but there’s still a tiny bit of you that’s hoping for a vaginal delivery.

    I hope that whichever way it goes, it all goes well and that you have two healthy happy babies by the day after tomorrow.

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