Hello, hello. Still pregnant!!

While TMD’s mum being here is the biggest help ever, I feel a bit annoyed about it in regards to blogging. Essentially, we’re going to be missing the very detailed updates we had the rest of pregnancy for the whole last month! Bugger bugger, etc.

What to say about this week? I guess the hospital appointment yesterday is the biggest news.

We had our scan – Mano’s head has plateaued and not grown since the last scan. They couldn’t measure Torre as she was face down and no good angle could be found. I haven’t really looked closely at the reports, but I know the sonographer wasn’t very happy with his growth. She did say babies begin to plateau at the end of pregnancy.

The doctor we saw afterwards didn’t even look at their weights (we think he is just over six pounds and she is just under), and said that twins normally stop reeeeally growing at about 28 weeks – so really, we’re lucky ours kept growth spurting for as long as they did.

TMD saw Mano’s face during the scan. In her words, it was ‘the clearest it has ever been.’ She sounded full of awe. What did my ass say? ‘I don’t see anything. It looks like a wolf, no, wait, a bear!’

The scan was cool as the babies are bigtime now – there were shadows from their ribs and spine visible. Spooky and delicious! They are still very healthy and looking good. AND…we saw Torre ‘breathing’!!! Her whole tummy just moving in and out as she practiced her mad breathing skillz. It made me cry.

And….position, position, position. They are in the EXACT same positions they were in at the 32 week scan. Two breech babies, folks! (With their heads still nestled together under my left boob, as if they are whispering secrets to each other.)

We have a section date. Our babies have a birthday! (Assuming they don’t decide to make an appearance before then, as no one officially consulted with them about when they wish to pop out.) It’s….drumroll please…..11 August. This is exactly 38 weeks by the dating scan, and 37 + 6 in reality.

Yes, that’s ten days away.

I have Tatiana, Corporate T, and my sister all set up in blogging land – they are in three very distinct time zones, so assuming I have the wherewithal should I go into spontaneous labour early, I will get in touch with whatever one is most likely to be awake and near a computer – but in reality, probably all three! Hopefully they will write some guest posts….and that includes YOU, C-Dawg (Corporate T’s foxy man).

On the plus side, the doctor told us that should the babies arrive now, they will be perfectly healthy and mature!! He said our twins are the equivalent of a singleton at 38+ weeks in terms of maturity. Ain’t nature grand?

The bitchy homophobic nurse we saw yesterday suggested I hand express some colustrum in case I feel like absolute shit after the operation (thanks for your vote of confience, you old shrew!) – that way the babies can still be fed exclusively on breastmilk. I don’t want their first feed to be from an artificial nipple, though, so TMD is under strict instructions to just force the babies on my boobs even if I protest.

I might be brave enough to give myself a squeeze later on and just see what happens. I’m not too sure about this hand expressing thing.

Oh! My mom, hero that she is, has now got all the notes from my breast reduction surgery. She talked them through with the surgeon’s office, and I have had an inferior wedge pedicle – I don’t know what the ‘wedge’ bit means, but I do know that inferior pedicles are THE HOTTEST SHIT ON EARTH in terms of being able to breastfeed afterwards. So while breast reduction isn’t ideal, it’s the best form you can have. Apparently there was a notation on my chart that I specifically asked about breastfeeding prior to surgery.

Funny, all I remember is purple marker on my tits and a drug cocktail to calm the nerviest person on earth.


I hope they stay put till then, as that will be as stress-free as possible. While I will be nervous as hell on the day, at least we know when to arrive (8 am), that we’re first on the schedule, and nothing has to be rushed or emergency-like.

Am I supposed to shave my lady garden?


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7 Responses to “Official BABY COUNTDOWN now on. TEN MORE DAYS.”

  1. Tatiana Says:

    I couldn’t hand-express shit before I had Maia. But, I also never leaked (that I noticed) which I think you have mentioned you have? Which is awesome. Because I know you want to be able to BF them πŸ™‚

    Can I point out that I’m so excited about you having babies that I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I’M GOING TO GUEST POST so you might come to your blog at some point when you’re able to get to a computer again (approximately October 11th) you’ll see my posts all like “OH GOD SHE HAD HER BABIES πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :):) (:(:(:(:(: *doing a dance in Canada*”

    Re: Your lady garden — dudette, you haven’t even been able to stand up for like four months. Are you going to make TMD get down there?

    OMG I just had this like horrifying brain image of TMD shaving you and then A BABY HAND REACHES OUT OF YOUR COOCHIE.

    PS: I hope you don’t dream about that.

  2. Jinxy Says:

    SQUEEEEEEE! How exciting, 10 more days!

    I’m so glad that everything is going so well with you and the babies and they are so big. I can’t wait to see pictures and read stuff about them.

    Can I just say “lady garden” made me lmao! I had a c-section but it was after much laboring and pushing so I don’t know the answer. I do know that the nurse that prepped me for my section (cuz it wasn’t an emergency the prepping took almost an hour for everything to get done) saved my belly and a small bit of my garden but not all of it.

    10 more days!!!!!

  3. themoneyfamily Says:

    I hope you can express before the babies are born. I never had a single drop before my daughter was born. I don’t know how confident you are with hand expressing, but if you do want it, here is a link to a video showing how to do it. It’s from Stanford Medical School and very detailed – very helpful!

    Good on you for everything. Your conviction about everything is refreshing, and I hope everything goes the way you envision!

  4. t Says:

    holy moly 37 weeks on tuesday. that’s incredible. i hope i make it as far as you have!

  5. Myg Says:

    TEN. MORE. DAYS. Dude, it’s so on. I am totally serious when I say, please get in touch at any time if you want to talk twin shop.

  6. Megs Says:

    8 MORE DAYS! Its the final countdown! Next to last Monday of your life without babies!

  7. christina hemming Says:

    Cotton binders and massage will really help you reduce pain and chances of tearing- check out the site- Your c/s is tomorrow and I just found your site!

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