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I know they’ll be so fucking cute! (Momma said ‘fuck.’)

July 28, 2009

36 weeks today – I cannot believe it. ’36’ has been a number looming large in my mind almost from the beginning, the huge target, the hope-to-achieve this goalpost.

I now move to weekly goals. One more week till Mano and Torre are full term!!

I have blogging contingency plans, and hope to get the word out to the marvellous Tatiana from (as she is a WordPress user and can just be signed up to my blog). We haven’t quite worked out if things are a go, but hopefully nothing will happen without you realising. And by ‘nothing,’ I anticipate two main events – going into the hospital, and the birth of the babies.

If all else fails, will let Twitter know.

Don’t know why I am suddenly in army mode, organising these plans and assuming you will need to have them soon, but in reality, at the VERY longest, it is two and a half weeks until Baby Time.