Reader’s corner, and 35 weeks preggers with twins.


Here’s a bit of a comment I got from Katie a few entries ago:

And maybe it’s my eyes, but, er what are the silver things on the side of the pushchair? Because I totally see silver penises or cannons, or something. (Do not let my stupid brain ruin it for you, you’ve seen it up close and in person, and know what they actually are. Do not think you accidentally bought a phallic pram.)

Question for you that Google doesn’t share up a clear answer for (and you may not know, so don’t worry if you can’t): Do you know at what point you outstripped the final week of a singleton pregnancy (you have, right)? Is there like a chart, “32 weeks with twins is like 40 weeks with a singleton” or whatever? You’ve been pretty good about the pictures, but now my baffled little brain has no basis for comparison.

I’ve been meaning to answer her questions for awhile now, but it is tricky tricky to get online with Mil here. (Which is also the reason I haven’t been responding to comments, though I have read every single one and appreciated them. Especially all the contraction info and general support!)

Anyway, with regard to the silver penises, they are information stickers on the sides of the car seats. I think they tell you how to properly fit them into the car or something. Not as erotic as having penis decals, but perhaps more baby appropriate? Ha.

As for my womb….well. A book I read said twin wombs are 6-8 weeks ‘ahead’ of singletons. However, I was told when I was…crap, when was it? I want to say 28 weeks, but I don’t think I was in the hospital then. Uh. At any rate, it was about 28 weeks when I was told my uterus was ‘full term.’ And that is measuring the sticky outy bit, but my bump also goes completely to the sides of my body. From tits to lady bits, every single thing you can see is baby goodness.

Hope that waffley answer was something approaching informative? At least in regards to my particular pregnancy…


35 weeks pregnant today!! Am sitting up as TMD had to go to work and Mil isn’t here till this afternoon. Sunday night was a nightmare as I had the bright idea to try to sleep in bed. Didn’t sleep until about 4 am, when TMD coralled us back into the lounge. Yesterday was a screaming nightmare. I am sort of suprised the neighbors didn’t call the police what with all the yelling and crying I did all day. TMD had to work from home because I was Ms. Cripple of the Year 2009.

Have found that lying on my side reduces the tightenings by about a million. Only been sitting up for awhile this morning and my womb is going rock hard – you could probably knock on it.

Alrighty roo, more later. Going to post bump pics now.


Ooh, one more thing to update. Last night TMD heard Mano’s hiccups!

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One Response to “Reader’s corner, and 35 weeks preggers with twins.”

  1. Katie Says:

    Aw, thanks! I knew it was a lot o’ question and you have lots of certainly more important and more pressing things on your mind at the moment.

    Instruction decal: that makes sense, and it must just be the angle in the picture, because I found a couple others of the same brand and the same thing doesn’t look like that very much at all. So, just me.

    I had read something similar about 6-8 weeks, but then after you said that twin births were usually termed earlier anyway, I wasn’t sure how they measured that. 28 weeks, though, wow. Don’t think it’s waffley at all, it makes sense that every pregnancy’s different, and you’ve already said you’re growing big babies!

    I think I’ve said it before, but I’ve loved following you through this. While I currently have no desire to be pregnant, reading you has made me feel a little less sqwicky and awkward about the whole thing. Mostly because it sounds like you’ve had it rough, and yet you make it sound do-able. (My husband doesn’t know it, but if he gets kids, he’ll probably have you to thank.) Thanks!

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