One more day in the 34 week range.


Just a quick post to say that I’ve been writing down BH contractions for the past five days. At one point today we were about five minutes apart for an HOUR straight. I’m definitely noticing more on the days when I don’t sleep or drink enough.

I just had one that had to be the longest and tightest one yet.

Have I mentioned how fearful of birth I am becoming? Will there really be two babies in our lives soon? It seems completely unbelieveable. I think I am just used to my belly lurching around, feeling baby hiccups, etc. I’m not sure how that translates into actually having babies.

TMD is now getting her fair share of the terror. Interestingly, I’m more afraid of birth and less afraid of taking them home. I think she thinks birth will be survivable, but she’s not too sure about the babies-at-home part of things. Let’s look on the bright side and take the positives out of both views, shall we?

I still don’t want the babies yet. I want to make it to that next scan.

Night night.

(If you want to tell me about your contractions, please do. Seriously.)


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3 Responses to “One more day in the 34 week range.”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Contractions here were pretty crazy. At the beginning of the day (1 am), they were 3-4 minutes apart and very short and not very intense. When they got more intense, they spaced out more, never closer than 5 minutes. At the hospital in the evening (10pm), they didn’t even think we were in labor at all, because contractions were 10 minutes apart. When I finally bullied them into performing a cervical check although S’s water had broken, she was at 8cm. We were admitted, she got in a tub, and contractions were 7 minutes apart. She slept in between contractions, seriously. We had the baby just a few hours later, so clearly, the contractions were very productive, but it was just a non-typical labor pattern.

    Basically, the message is, if YOU think you’re in labor, you should trust your instincts, because some labors don’t follow the typical patterns.

    We’ve found the transition to having a real live actual baby to be pretty smooth and not nearly as scary as we expected. Granted, we only have one, but still, we’re getting way more sleep than we expected and having a really good time with the baby, who is not nearly as fragile as we expected. I think you’ll be FINE once you have the actual babies there. I totally get being nervous ahead of time, because I was, but I very quickly went from carefully studying holding positions at our childcare class with trepidation, to cavalierly propping a newborn up on one shoulder with one hand while spreading peanut butter onto toast with the other hand. 🙂

    Do you have a doula? That would be my #1 tip for a smooth, happy labor. Ours was absolutely invaluable in letting me be a good birth partner to my wife, and I recommend highly!

  2. Tatiana Says:

    I think I’ve chatted with you about my labour before, but I never had BHC. Contractions felt like menstrual cramps. They were actually fairly short & never reached the 1 minute long mark.

  3. Jinxy Says:

    I never had ANY contractions till they put me on pitocian. I’d agree with Tatiana, they are like bad menstrual cramps.

    I was more scared of what my body was going to like after birth. I’d spent 32 years learning about my body, listening to it and then threw a wrench in the whole works.

    Just remember the first couple of months might (will) be hard but by 4 or 6 months they will be so much better. No matter what its all worth it. Babies are so special.

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