33 weeks 4 days preggo with our twin eggos!!


Um, has there or has there not been a HUGE spurt in growth of my bump since the last pictures? Let me refresh your memories.

This is last week:


This is today:




And here is TMD with our new pushchair!! (Or what I could fit of it into the picture.)


So, big bump growth spurt, no?

Today was also a banner day as I rode in the car to McDonald’s with TMD to get some Egg McMuffins this morning, and this evening she pushed me in the wheelchair to the local shops. I am pretty sure she has forced every muscle in her body to the absolute limit pushing me. She kept saying, ‘You’re quite heavy. Yeah, you’re quite heavy.’

Think we’re going to watch the DVD we got at our multiples antenatal class this evening. And then perhaps look some more at my bump and oogle at the size. 33 weeks 4 days with the babies now….can hardly believe it. Am grateful for everything – the ripping pain of the skin of bottom of my bump (will post pics soon, perhaps tomorrow. WOW.), the hospital visits, the painful knuckles. We are growing some fantastic babies in there, I can just tell.

It IS huge(r), right?


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7 Responses to “33 weeks 4 days preggo with our twin eggos!!”

  1. Katie Says:

    Oh yeah, huge-r. I thought maybe it was the black/white contrast, but, there’s a difference. You’re standing in almost the exact same spot, and there’s almost certainly less space between bump and door handle. Bump’s not cutting it anymore- gargantuwomb?

    And maybe it’s my eyes, but, er what are the silver things on the side of the pushchair? Because I totally see silver penises or cannons, or something. (Do not let my stupid brain ruin it for you, you’ve seen it up close and in person, and know what they actually are. Do not think you accidentally bought a phallic pram.)

    Question for you that Google doesn’t share up a clear answer for (and you may not know, so don’t worry if you can’t): Do you know at what point you outstripped the final week of a singleton pregnancy (you have, right)? Is there like a chart, “32 weeks with twins is like 40 weeks with a singleton” or whatever? You’ve been pretty good about the pictures, but now my baffled little brain has no basis for comparison.

    You’ll have babies in a month! Out there in the world!

  2. Jinxy Says:

    Wow you really did “pop” this week, totally huge-r. I do not see how you can grow anymore, but I’m sure you will.

    That pushchair is so nice looking.

    Of course you’re growing super fantastic babies, how could you not? You’re super fantastic!

  3. What are the earliest signs of pregnancy that you experienced? | First Signs Of Pregnancy Says:

    […] 33 weeks 4 days preggo with our twin eggos!! « existere (latin … […]

  4. Casey Says:

    yup.. total pop.

    I was at a pridefest yesterday- and a woman had this same cart.. it was very apparent that she was like.. “WE ARE getting out of this F-ing HOUSE IF IT KILLS ME”

  5. ninefirefly Says:

    How cute! Your bump is adorable! I do have to say that I totally agree on the itchy belly skin. Brutal. The stroller is very stylish too, I like how streamlined it seems.

  6. Pufferfish Says:

    Ha! You have no idea that I read your ENTIRE blog yesterday. Yeah, I’m just lurking away.
    You have a few more weeks, but yep, it’s a-poppin’!

  7. Myg Says:

    So excited for you! Wish I could send all my hand-me-downs up that way. Keep us posted, please!

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