Bump pictures – 31 weeks 5 days pregnant with twins.


Taken 28 June, when 31 weeks 5 days pregnant!




And now, some great pictures of me and Aussie!! Same day as the ones above (hence the same clothing!). Aussie is 21 weeks 1 day pregnant with one baby….who is of course already a great friend of our babies.



Go on, say it. We are hot baby mommas!

A note on tank tops: if they fit the milk-makers, they do not fit the bump. If they fit the bump, they will fall off my shoulders and expose the milk-makers.


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3 Responses to “Bump pictures – 31 weeks 5 days pregnant with twins.”

  1. 2momswithaplan Says:

    You are looking great!

  2. Jinxy Says:

    You look so good! And the pictures of both of you are too cute.

    About the tank tops, I say let the bump hang out. It looks so cute.

  3. Jenny Says:

    It looks from the photo like an issue of length, more than width, with the tank top. They do make rather long tanks that are meant to hit at the thigh, and they can be very very stretchy… perhaps that would work? Regardless, you look great and congrats to making it to 32 weeks! That’s so exciting, you’re really getting past the “early preemie” stage!

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