Peep shows, and inadvertant bump shots of me, 31 weeks pregnant with twins.


This is how I was dressed all day:


This is where I spend all my time (feel free to ignore the extreme clutter. Yes, every piece of clutter is in that room because I am pregnant. But that is for another post.) :


You see how close I am to the patio doors? Imagine what it is like to be wearing a bra, naked belly, and a skirt pulled up to here. Comfy, right?

Now imagine the gardener man, his face essentially smashed up against the patio doors while he weedwacks the border of grass to patio. This is what he sees:


I still can’t decide if I care about my new career as a pregnant exhibitionist. The conversation with Cookie is still echoing in my mind, where I explained to her that if I were an axe murderer/gardener, I would certainly choose a heavily pregnant lady on crutches with her patio doors open as a victim. At the very least, she would be the easiest to duct tape to her couch while I made off with her giant green reclining chair.

(You see that green chair? At night TMD takes it apart, puts the cushion on the floor next to my couch, and sleeps there.)

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3 Responses to “Peep shows, and inadvertant bump shots of me, 31 weeks pregnant with twins.”

  1. Jinxy Says:

    When I first looked at that top picture I thought your belly button was way sticking out, then I realized that was the bottom of the door pull.

    I bet the gardener has seen a lot of crazy stuff in his day.

  2. 2momswithaplan Says:

    I think it is so sweet of TMD to sleep next to you at night.

  3. Alina Says:


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