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Twin bump pictures – 29 weeks pregnant, hospital trip, 30 weeks pregnant.

June 22, 2009

29 weeks 4 days pregnant with twins, pics taken 13 June. This one is our garden, which actually looks quite tasteful and groomed, somehow. You should see the WRECK that is the flowerbeds. We have a four foot thistle growing because I am too pregnant to be a gardener. We are the sort of people you sue for ruining your fucking view!




At what will undoubtably be my last shopping trip, I tried to take some ‘art’ pictures with my bump being reflected. Didn’t quite work…


Multiple bumps of multiples. Ha. (My sense of humour is not improved by all this couch sitting, I fear.)

Hospital trip – 29 weeks 6 days – 30 weeks 1 day. Good times. I’m only sorry you can’t see our slurpee picture, because it would be pretty hard to cut out the faces but leave the tongues in.

Me, my pajamas, and the little yellow strips I can’t remember the name of….despite the fact that we always mock them.


30 weeks 5 days pregnant with our twins, pics taken 21 June:


The above is the little fleece neck pillow for use on airplanes; I’ve been using it to help alleviate the screaming pain in my ass. As I now am developing a bruise on my tailbone (yikes) will probably have to break down and order a proper ass cushion online.


Been feeling lately like my bump is ‘shrinking’ or perhaps isn’t very large. I like this front on view, though:


I think my bump has ‘dropped.’ It’s not as huge high up, and is VERY sticky outty right about my crotch. Mano is very low down, and I feel all his kicks in my ass. Yes, really. TMD just thinks that perhaps we are used to my bump, and that is why it no longer seems like some massive enclave. Or that the babies are smashed against my back seeing as they never get to be upright anymore.


TRANSDUCER STRIPS. That is what the yellow things are called. *phew* Transducer strips…

I can’t wait until I write a one sentence post: ‘They are here, and they are perfect.’