Fuck. Finally got over myself and decided to be a responsible pregnant parent and called the hospital re: mild cramping and possible water leaking. Have been told I need to come in.

TMD on her way home from work to come get me, and then we will be going into hospital. Am always a little shaky when hospital say I have to come in, so feeling anxious right now. Even though I am sure everything is fine.

Of course now that I am all worried the cramping seems to be a little more intense. Going to drink some water, exchange bikini top for a bra, and put my hospital notes in my bag. Going to be optimistic and not bring in a hospital bag. If need be, TMD can always come home and get my stuff.

Cross your fingers babies are staying in place and this isn’t the dreaded preterm labour.



7 Responses to “Nervy.”

  1. fidget Says:

    i hope those babies are hanging in there. PTL su-diddly-ucks. Im glad you are going in to get checked. Good luck!

  2. Lynn Says:

    I’m thinking of you, Existere. And those wee little babies.

  3. Jinxy Says:

    I’m glad you are going in to be checked out.
    Good luck, I’ll be thinking about you and the babies.

  4. ninefirefly Says:

    Good luck, you guys will be in my thoughts today.

  5. Tatiana Says:

    Just got home from running errands. Took Maia out of carseat & came to check here ASAP. Nervous that there’s no update. Hope you, TMD, and the babies are safe and healthy and that there are no big surprises happening… but if there are… I know you two can handle it. All my love, and Maia smooches, to you all.

  6. Amber Says:

    Hoping babies will stay safely within your womb for many more weeks.

  7. Jennie Says:

    Bless you, it’s horrible having to go into hospital before you ‘should’. Am keeping fingers crossed for you both and Torre and Mano. Hope you’re back posting that everything’s ok really soon. xx

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