The more babies there are (say, three), the more stretch marks you get?


Two things happened last night.

One, I saw a litlte mark on my lower tummy (well, not SO low, sort of a couple of inches below the belly button). I noticed it because I had spent the previous four minutes or so standing facing a wall, with my head pushed against the wall and holding me up, while I moaned in esctasy/pain and kept scratching my lower bump with increasingly powerful nail digging in. Fuck, it’s itchy.

Yes, I have broken some blood vessels from the scratching. Oh well. Anyway, the little mark. It was a funny colour. TMD peered at it and agreed it could, indeed, be a stretch mark.

Woke up this morning to look at my belly again (with the aid of a hand mirror, because if you think I can see the bottom of my bump you MUST BE JOKING) and I am covered in stretch marks. Overnight. Literally.

They are not giant angry purple marks or anything. Just pinkish beginnings of what will no doubt soon maketh themselves known as an invading army. This made me think of Tatiana’s post on sexuality and motherhood. Because was I proud my body was making two babies? No. I just stood in shock, the mirror thrust aside, terrified to look again at my stomach.

After a little more time, I looked again and put some lotion on (after tearfully explaining this was ‘my fault’ for not applying lotion the past two mornings – ridiculous!) and it didn’t seem so bad. I did use the word ‘deformed’ at one point, and I am not proud of that. I just think my body is changing so rapidly now and it is harder to deal with than I would have imagined. More on that later.

Because the second thing that happened last night? We found three heartbeats. I know, I know, what the fuck.

Torre was on the right, just above waistline. Mano was on the left, just below waistline. I should say that the reason we dopplered was because I hadn’t felt him too much, and his heartbeat was lower than normal (in the 130s, his norm is the 140s. Torre’s norm is the 150s.) the previous night. So Torre, no prob.

Mano, we found him, still in the 130s. I then ask what the fuck sort of position is he in if his heartbeat is there? TMD suggests we put the doppler higher up on the left side to see if we can listen for kicks (happily assuming he is head down, bless her). I humour her, she slaps the doppler onto my tummy, and there it is. An instant heartbeat in the 150s.

It sounded an awful lot like Torre’s, so she quickly plopped the doppler back onto Torre. Yes, still there. Quickly back to the new spot – yes, still there. Moved it lower to where we had found Mano’s earlier….yes, still there. We made a few nervous jokes about triplets (which were horror-filled) and ended up in silence, TMD wiping off the doppler and my tummy.

This morning the weirdness of it all was still there, and combined with all the brand new stretch marks – you can imagine the comments. TMD saying cheerfully, ‘Well, there’s three in there.’ Har de har har, matey. Not funny.

Of COURSE there are not three babies. This shit would have been caught in a scan. I don’t know what happened last night, but I do know heartbeats 2 and 3 sounded the same. I also know heartbeat 3 was fast enough that it was closer to Mano’s normal heartrate than that 130s shit. But what is the third one? Sounded much too fast to be the placenta.

TMD has suggested that one of the babies – probably Torre – is a timelord. You know, what Dr. Who is. A being with two hearts. Again, this is only funny in a terrible sort of way.  As is knowing what we would name the extra baby if she was a girl. Wtf.



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3 Responses to “The more babies there are (say, three), the more stretch marks you get?”

  1. Jinxy Says:

    I would have kicked someone if they said this to me, but I’m going to say it anyway. Sometimes a baby hides during scans and isn’t noticed till the birth. I’m just saying is all. 🙂

  2. Latest stretch marks lotion news - Stretch Mark Removers To Fade | Barmon Stretch Mark Cream Says:

    […] The more babies there are (say, three), the more stretch marks you … […]

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