Anecdotes from the dark side.


Someone just asked me if I was in labour.

We were at the store, and I was in my pal the motorized wheelchair. TMD nipped off somewhere – I think to search for guacamole. I sat in place and then ended up leaning forward, clutching the sides of the built on basket. I was just trying to stretch my back a little, maybe give the babies some extra wiggle room as my bump skin is getting sore.

The next thing I know, some lady is all, ‘Are you okay?’ Confused, I looked up. ‘Are you OKAY?’ She was quite insistent.

I replied that yes, I was fine. She said, ‘I thought you were….’ and then mimed my giant stomach, with her hands sliding down as if a baby were coming out. (Quite similar to the sign language sign for childbirth in my native country.)

I have bump pictures for week 29 coming. No doubt it was a combination of my giant bump, my awkward sitting forward, and possibly a pained expression on my face – but labour? Really?


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