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Baby movements…..and poop movements. (aka ‘Is “dopplered” a word?’)

June 12, 2009

So… movements. It seems crazy to think back to the time when I was wondering if TMD would ever be able to feel them from the outside (which then happened at 23 weeks). Even crazier to think back to the first time I felt them at nine or ten weeks. So long ago!

Now they are big enough that if I am typing, I can see them move in my peripheral vision. Through my knickers, belly band, shirt, and a sheet. The kicks are not as brutal as some women seem to experience them as. I am not kept awake all night with sumo wrestling happenings in utero.

Nor can I tell what is pushing against my tummy, with the exception of big hard stuff. I assume this is a head when I feel it, though on a few occasions we have both felt the babies’ bodies as well. No visible feet or hands poking through – or at least not that I’ve noticed.

But in the past couple of weeks – maybe a bit longer – I can feel them when they change position. I imagine it as a slow motion summersault – can very definitively feel the babies turning over to change from breech to head down, etc. And if you are lucky enough to feel from the outside, you can feel a giant mass slowly moving up or down, before slowly shrinking. Sort of like pictures of whales coming up for air while flipping over. This is a sensation that TMD and I just can’t get used to. Very bizarre.

I suspected this week that Torre was no longer across the top of my bump, as the ripping upper bump pain subsided almost totally. We dopplered late last night – Torre’s heartbeat was at about waist level on the right side (where it’s always been, aside from her field trip to Organ-Squashing-Ville) while Mano’s was slightly lower on the left side. Today I have felt definite squiggles on both sides of the bump, though Torre has been very active today and yesterday. I was actually worried about Mano yesterday, but he is moving a bit today.

I feel more movements when on my side (attempted this twice this week in an optimistic mood – lasted about ten minutes maximum before it made me cry from pain!). I know they have less room when I am leaning back, but they still seem to be moving around. This week I had those two side lying times, sat on the birthing ball once for about 5 minutes, and also cleaned the sink.

Perhaps the babies really, really want to get into a good position and are eager to use any small opportunity to do so? GOOD BABIES. Nice babies. Smart babies.

I also just spent a grueling 45 minutes on the toilet, wondering if I was causing myself permanent damage, before I managed to shit out the Empire State Building. The final stretch of that tortuous time was spent leaning forward, so once more, the babies had some good room to rollerskate round in.

Also, when I wiped after that monster, deep black piece of tar baby shit, I felt funny in my vagina. Wiped and there was lots of clear mucus. Wiped again and there was more. I suspect this is because of all the pushing and grunting, but note it here as a point of interest.

Are you interested?