And dual citizenship sucks, innit.



My mother is very, very excited about us coming for Christmas. She is planning a big baby party for the whole family to meet the twins.

But – I’ve just found out that to enter into that country, the babies MUST have a passport from that country or they will be refused entry (because they have a claim to citizenship via myself). I am a wee bit stressed (ie breathless with worry!) about the short time scale we have to do everything.

Going to write the order of things I think needs to happen here to get it out of my head.

1. Register the birth of the babies. Get a short form birth certificate same day – but we have to register in the city where they are born, which is NOT the city we live in.

1.5 We also need to get TMD legal responsibilities – don’t know if this can happen when we register the births, or what. Also not sure where this needs to happen or on what form. I think I have the right form, but it only refers to ‘mother’ and ‘father’ so I find that confusing.

2. Get long form birth certificates for the babies. Am googling like mad but can’t actually figure out how that happens.

2.5 Get together all the paperwork to prove my citizenship (need to see that my passport is still fucking valid. I think it is), complete two application forms for citizenship, complete two applications for passports, figure out where the fuck to get baby photos that will be accepted by that country for the passports, somehow get proof that I have lived in Country A in the past – ie aquiring old school records. WTF. Pay an outrageous amount of money.

3. Go to the (Country A) consulate to register the births of citizens abroad, aquire citizenship for babies (and get same day certificates), apply for a certain identity number every citizen needs, and apply for passports.

Concurrently, we will also be applying for their passports of THIS country. I don’t actually know how to do that, unless it’s on the same form I just used, which would be handy. Unfortunately I think all the birth certificates will also be needed for this process. Therefore if anyone knows what country I live in and how the fuck to get long form certificates, perhaps you will be kind enough to tell me if I can also pay extra (money greases wheels?) to get duplicate copies at the same time we get the originals.

I am sure a few months is long enough for this to happen, but we will need the ‘foreign’ passports of the country where Mom lives in order to purchase plane tickets – I think. I hope all this doesn’t fuck up Christmas, and in a way I wish we didn’t have all this running back and forth to do. It’ll all have to be in the first month when TMD is at home.

Just what you want to do with two newborn babies – troop all over the fucking country and attend official interviews when they need to be eating every few hours. Courtesy of my boobs. Both at the same time. This is, of course, assuming that long form birth certificates don’t take weeks and weeks to arrive, which I think I have heard happens. Then TMD would have to take extra time to take us into The City to do all the consular stuff. (Let’s forget the nightmare that is public transport at this point, okay?)

Since moving to this country, I have wondered when all the legal shit and immigration nonsense will end. I guess in terms of myself it is finally sorted out as of today, but I won’t feel like it is REALLY okay until both babies have both passports – hopefully with oodles of time to spare before Christmas.

Question for parents of babies who also travel abroad (you know, like many baby mommas want to be jetting around the fucking world) – can you somehow get the children listed on your passport, therefore negating their need for a passport? Just a question.



Just read the ‘additional requirements’ if you are applying for passports of Country A  for children under 16. Both parents have to be present, or the absent parent MUST fill in some fucking form giving consent. Handily, this country does NOT recognize same sex partnerships, civil unions, or same sex marriage.

Christ McJesus. Going to keep reading.

Ok. Apparently if I have sole responsibility (which will not be the case, as TMD will be legally responsible at that point – though NOT recognised by this fucking country) I can apply. But you know what? I also need to provide my original birth certificate and all sorts of other shit.

This is about six thousand times more complicated than any other immigration hoops I have jumped through thus far. Fucking poopheads.


OH MY FUCKING GOD PART TWO. Just thought of something. At some point in this process TMD’s name will no doubt be entered into the scary database and connected with my own, which could cause her problems entering the country Mom lives in.


Another interesting postscript:

If we had conceived four months later than we did, both of us would be able to be listed on the birth certificates as parents and TMD would have full legal rights and responsibilities from day one. I reckon this would complicate shit with Country A something chronic, but then we wouldn’t have to have all these forms after they are born, worrying about the wills now, and then going through the whole adoption process from next February.

Man, this shit is fucked up.

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5 Responses to “And dual citizenship sucks, innit.”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Oh dear lord, how complicated can they make it to get such simple documents? Do they think that we’re all popping out little smugglers or worse?

    As far as I remember, when I registered my boys’ births, I had the option of getting a short form birth certificate or paying a little extra there and then and getting a long certificate. We did that, and I promptly lost it (fairly typical behavious for me, I’m afraid). Husband went to the registry office where they were registered, paid a small fee (about £8, I think) and was issued with a duplicate in a very short amount of time.

    I think you’re in the same (vaguely) country as me at the moment, in which case I think you can get the photos of the babies taken at Jessops, and this country’s passports at least are fairly flexible when it comes to photo quality for kids. I wish I could share the pictures on mine – my boys both, in an effort to keep their eyes open and mouths shut (as they are deemed old enough to follow direction) look terrified! And like orphans asking for more to eat!

    And no, I’m afraid that you can’t, any longer, get your children listed on your passport. The tiny potential international criminals need their own paperwork. How daft! And their passports only last five years, so the whole damn process has to be gone through again then (not good news, sorry!).

    I hope the whole process goes more smoothly than you are anticipating. Just make sure you have an appointment at the registry office to register Torre and Mano before you go, to save a wasted journey. I just wish I could help you out a little!

    • existere Says:

      Thank you for all the info!! I think most of my panic of yesterday is subsiding, though that could be due to the fact that I have made the decision to not worry about it today!!!

      This country is GOOD TIMES in so far as getting baby passports. It’s my ‘home’ country which is a son of a bitch. You aren’t allowed to use photobox photos, so we’ll have to pay a photographer. I remember having to go to a professional photographer when I got my passport over there. Let’s just say the picture isn’t any more or less hideous than the ones in my new, shiny passport.

      Am relieved to hear the long form stuff is good and not so scary. Think we may pay to get a few duplicates as TMD says we need them to apply for child benefit as well. By the time this is all over, we may be able to wallpaper the nursery in birth certificates.

  2. Jinxy Says:

    Oh my god that all sucks!

  3. Megs Says:

    Oh dear. Best birth control story ever? ;o) just kidding. I am sure it will work out… slightly surprised that Country A is being such a biznatch about giving 2 infants passports. But I should think that if you claim sole responsibility (which sucks to be forced to lie, but screw them let some stupid immigration official with a rubber stamp think what they want, you and your family will benefit in the end!) then they won’t ask too many questions. And TMDs name shouldnt pop up on any of Country A’s databases…. I wouldn’t have thought.

    • existere Says:

      Well, the thing is that she will have parental rights by the time we apply for those passports – I don’t know what that means in terms of filling in paperwork. The lie thing is viable, but neither of us is TOO keen on that. I need to reseach more, methinks.

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