27 weeks 5 days pregnant with the twins!!


Hey, everyone. Sorry for the appalling lack of updates. I just haven’t felt like turning on the laptop – perhaps this is a worrying new pregnancy symptom?

Just a short update today, as this laptop is on the table and it is killing me to sit upright! We went to a daylong multiples antenatal class yesterday (which was fabulous!) but it totally broke me as I haven’t sat upright that long in approaching ten weeks. Last night was pretty bad pain (cue ribs and crotch), and I finally ended up on the couch with poor TMD sleeping on the floor behind the couch in case I woke up in pain – didn’t realise she did this until this morning. Lovely of her.

Lots to update, including another trippy trip to the hospital. Both babies are fine, no worries. I just hadn’t felt Mano move one day, so went in for monitoring. That was AWESOME, let me tell you. Huge belts stretched very tight against the bump – one monitor (a little circle thing held in place by the straps) per baby, and a third monitor for contractions. I had to press one of the monitors down to get Mano (suspect he is transverse again. sigh)….have you seen that episode of Friends where Chandler gets The Claw from playing too much Pac-Man? Yeah. I got The Cripple Hand from pressing down on this circle so firmly for an hour.

In other news, I was the only crippled up preggo at the twins antenatal class yesterday, aside from a HUGELY pregnant girl (from my country of origin – perhaps we just make big bumps and this country makes more reserved, proper looking bumps?) who was 32 weeks. She had itsy bitsy SPD in her crotch. My smile went plastic when she complained about how much it hurt – as she is tottering around in tiny little sandals and STILL working. No crutches for her folks….and no wheelchair either. I suspect I am nearing wheelchair status. Anyway.

There were three or four other women who were also 27 weeks, or maybe up to 29. My bump DOMINATED theirs. Everyone kept looking at my stomach and coming up in breaks and things to say, ‘How far along are you?’

I don’t know whether I am happy or worried that I am like some sort of Yeti belly while everyone else looked like they were having only one child. Hrrmm. (Or if I am like, HAHA you little small bellies!! I am going to produce babies with healthy birthweights!!! Muhahahahah.)

Okay, need to go. Can’t sit up any longer!!! Thank you to all for the lovely comments, sorry I have not replied as of yet. Have bump pictures from last week, pics from the hospital trip, and hopefully will take more pics today – will definitely aim to get those bump pics up ASAP.

I possibly should have taken pictures of my feet/ankles as well, because if I didn’t know better I would think I was ALSO pregnant with additional babies in those locations. (Jesus – the other day both feet went totally blue with only blotchy pink/skin coloured bits. Fucked up! I also threw up. Apparently the sun is no longer my friend and I get all fake heat stroked easily. Convenient as this is supposed to be a bad mamma jamma summer.)

Love to all, and to all a good day!


Crappy crap. Just reread this and realised I want to blog about one more thing before I forget it. Or at least jot it down as a reminder. Yesterday we were given little babies to change diapers (the teacher had squirted what looked like pureed curry all over the inside of the diapers and on the babies. Yum.), and while she was handing them out, she put on a CD of a wailing baby. Loud.

This was on for maybe a minute maximum, and while there was some nervous laughter, you could read the panic on everyone’s faces. We were all thinking, And that is only ONE baby crying. I almost found listening to that CD unbearable. Is this worrying?

Okay, this is really the end for now. My crotch has fallen out and is looking up at me pathetically from the floor, so I suppose I should go rescue her.

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8 Responses to “27 weeks 5 days pregnant with the twins!!”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Love you – I had a big bump on my second pregnancy, and was routinely (from about 6 months) asked how many DAYS I had left. 😦 I wasn’t too impressed! And as to the cd of the child crying – was the midwife sponsored by the local adoption agency or something? NO-ONE responds well to an unknown baby’s screams, but it’s totally different when it’s your own. Yeah, it’s still frustrating, but at least you want to help the child/ren, rather than run screaming yourself from the room, leaving it/them to fend for themselves! And after a while, you’ll probably find that the babies have different cries for different needs, so you’ll be more tuned in on how to stop them quickly!

    Hopefully you’ll be like me in that your SPD symptoms will all but vanish as soon as the babies are out. And hopefully the end of the summer/into autumn will be lovely so that you can enjoy those months without fear of collapsing in the heat!

  2. Tatiana Says:

    The sound of your own baby crying will set off all sorts of alarms and hormonal responses in you that make it FAR less irritating than listening to a different baby. Also, pureed curry sounds about right.

    Fortunately for me, thus far Maia has been an angel for most diaper changes. She likes to roll onto her side but whatever, I just roll her back. If she’s crying while being changed, it’s because she wants to eat RIGHT NOW. Of course, having one happy baby at a diaper change doesn’t help you if the other one is crying nearby, but, well… that’s all I’ve got in the way of reassurance, so take from it what you will 😛

    Insofar as the bump goes… you go, girl! I’d take it as you have big, healthy babies 😉

  3. Jinxy Says:

    I agree with Tatiana about crying. Listening to Lily is no where as bad (annoying) and makes me want to just to attention.

    My sisters are twins and they were big healthy babies. One was bigger then me. 6 lbs 10 oz and 7 lbs 12 oz. My Mom was HUGE, but it was great.

    I loved that episode of Friends, ok I loved Friends in general.

    I can’t wait to see new bump photos.

  4. Anon Says:

    “(Or if I am like, HAHA you little small bellies!! I am going to produce babies with healthy birthweights!!! Muhahahahah.)”

    Seriously? You could also have preterm babies and have problems. The size of the bump doesn’t matter. It’s going to be different for everyone (yes, I am pregnant with twins). I don’t know how my belly size compares to yours and frankly don’t care. What matters is the size they tell you on the ultrasound and how that fits with the charts….the size of your belly doesn’t determine that.

    • existere Says:

      I had a pregnancy that left me disabled, so forgive me if I revelled in the little things. I liked my bump.

      Others in the class did have very small bumps, and two of the women knew their babies were, indeed, very tiny (though healthy).

      As it turned out, I went full term and had babies on average – or a bit heavier – than singletons. I worked hard for that outcome, and it happened..

      • existere Says:

        Hope I wasn’t too harsh. I do realise you are an anonymous reader who doesn’t seem to realise I wrote this entry over a year ago (I think – my math skills aren’t as good as my baby making skillz!), but rereading your comment made me think you sounded defensive – which translates to me as worried.

        Being around 27 weeks preggo with twins is scary because you are entering the zone when they COULD be born, but you don’t want them to be yet because obviously the longer they cook, the better.

        To a large degree, I think it’s just biology that keeps them in – or not. But there are also lots of things you can do to help. Please do get in touch if you’d like some further info or resources.

        I wish you the best with your pregnancy.

  5. Symphysis pubis dysfunction in my life Says:

    Symphysis pubis dysfunction in my life…

    […]27 weeks 5 days pregnant with the twins!! « existere (latin): to stand out, to emerge.[…]…

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