The morning after the afternoon before.


Thanks to everyone for the kind comments on yesterday afternoon’s rant. When TMD got home I spent a lot of time crying on and off, and she was lovely and supportive. I guess I am just frustrated that every minute can’t be like those nice minutes. She’s my favourite person in the world & the one I need to see most now, and I feel like we spend about five minutes together a day.

At any rate, today is her last day volunteering in the evenings (2-3 evenings per week), so that will give us more time. I’m pleased about that.

Today is…eh. Had a lovely card from Operation Fingerpaint earlier in the week, and sorted out dates with TMD when she could go into work for me and pick up my stuff. It was hard deciding that I probably didn’t have the physical resources for two longish car rides plus time at work. I was in a lot of pregnancy pain yesterday, especially after a small fall and some ligament pains. I also had a dream about work last night – where I did go in, and all my desk drawers were already cleared out and everything was different.

Had an email from Joy this morning – with well wishings from clients, updates, etc. She also said they are hiring for six months maternity leave – does this mean she thinks I’m not taking a year? We’ll be talking next week so hopefully will sort it all out. I’m at that stage in pregnancy where I should have submitted various forms to work and grants to the government, and I don’t have any of the paperwork yet. *sigh*

The other thing is that I am either sick or getting sick. Felt a bit off last night, and woke up super dizzy in middle of the night. Now I’ve got headaches on and off, sore throat, funny ears, nausea, etc. GOOD TIMES.

Don’t mean to be whining. But the venting yesterday calmed me right down and I felt better for it. Perhaps this will do the same? Still feeling overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff we/I have to do in the next few weeks. The focus for today, though, is resting, drinking fluids, and trying to feel better.

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