A twin pregnancy in retrospect – the first two trimesters.


I can’t believe this is the last week of the second trimester. That time of worrying about IUI versus IVF, my 30th birthday party where all I did was talk about this debate, the panic and nerves of all those decisions – that seems so long ago. Did I really go to the hospital 800 times to get my blood drawn to test and retest for every disease under the sun? Did TMD and I really learn how to administer shots and somehow manage to deliver them all at home?

Is it true that I decided to donate eggs, and worried and worried about whether there would be enough eggs left for us – and that I actually had needles stuck through my vaginal walls to collect a very healthy 18 eggs? Were 8 of ours mature, and how did they ALL fertilise? Is it possible to be that lucky?

And then we waited to go back in, three days later, and meet our embryos. Did a man come in with drawings of them all, telling us each embryo’s individual grade and cell count? Did we have two ‘perfect’ embryos put back in, and did we dare to believe the nurse who told us that embryos of that grade and quality usually result in a positive pregnancy test?

And what about all those signs hanging everywhere saying that 1 in 4 IVF births results in multiple pregnancy? And the risk form I signed stating that the only risk of the embryo transfer was, indeed, a multiple pregnancy? Did we really believe we would have twins? How were were so optimistic?

How were we RIGHT?

week 3 – eggs collected, embryos transferred

week 4 – positive pregnancy test, and extreme vomit sports begin. During this time, I was vomiting every twenty minutes for about three days.

week 5 (?) – first disappointing trip to doctor. Toured our hospital’s maternity/delivery unit.

week 6 – knocked down while crossing the road and rushed to hospital. Signed off work for four weeks, and missed a fifth week due to heavy snowfall and transport problems. I still feel guilty about the amount of painkillers the babies were exposed to, not to mention the stress hormones. Being told I might need an amputation, and THE IMMENSE PAIN.  But they both survived, and we found out in week 6 (at the ER) that it was twins.

week 7 – detailed scan at the IVF clinic confirmed it was twins. Also showed two sacs that were within normal bounds, but one much bigger than the other. Told there was a 50% chance one sac would disappear by twelve weeks.

week 9 – return to work. Vomit everywhere all the time. Still can’t eat anything, and have lost weight. Felt babies move for the first time!!!!

week 10 – freak out about the fact that the hospital has not offered us a booking appointment or any antenatal stuff.

week 13 – dating scan. Babies are far ahead of what the clinic said their gestation was. And exactly one day ahead of what REALITY says they are (we know exactly when conception occured. Dec. 3.). Returned later in this week for nuchal scan.

week 14 – booking appointment. Heard the babies’ heartbeats for the first time. Bought our own doppler at some point after this! Weird hip pains begin.

week 16 – first official midwife’s appointment. Told I might have SPD. Also this is the week I FINALLY stopped vomiting.

week 19 – made doctor’s apppointment for horrific hip pain, but then was so relieved to have it as this is when the fabled vaginal stabbing pain happened. Signed off work.

week 20 – find out that Mano is a boy, Torre might be a girl, and both babies are healthy and developing right on track.

week 22 (?) – officially diagnosed with SPD. Tried to come to terms with not returning to work for the duration of the pregnancy. Getting impatient for TMD to be able to feel the babies move. Go manic and buy a shitload of baby supplies.

week 23 – I see my belly move from the outside. TMD can now feel kicks from the outside!  Also admitted to hospital with what turns out to be ligament pain.

week 24 – another scan, another opportunity to be thankful that both babies are still right on track – in fact Mano is a tad bigger than his dates (remembering that his dates are already a day early). Find out Torre probably IS a girl!!

This is all from memory, and I know I am missing a lot. Like four pregnancy tests, bathtub vomit, the early obsessing over my bump (was showing VERY early in pregnancy), being able to feel their little heads from the outside (miracle!), how cool it was to hear all the kicking at the hospital, orange jello, the pleasure I take from my bump, the poems TMD recites to the babies that makes them jump around like crazy little acrobats.

And now I’m 25 weeks pregnant.

How did this happen? Is it real? Are there actual babies inside me? Are TMD and I really making wills, shopping for cotbeds, talking about breastfeeding?

I am so filled with gratitude for every day of this pregnancy.

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7 Responses to “A twin pregnancy in retrospect – the first two trimesters.”

  1. Tatiana Says:

    I think I’m hormonal today, because this post made me get all teary-eyed. I can’t believe you’re wrapping up the second trimester already. It really feels like just yesterday you were a vomit volcano, and the day before that you were talking about getting poked with needles.

    I hope those babies hang in there for a long while yet, because once they’re here and you can’t update as often, I’m going to be tearing my hair out waiting to read about your lovely babies ❤

  2. Jinxy Says:

    It is truly amazing how quickly time flies by.

    I wasn’t here for needle poking and vomit volcanoes but I agree with everything Tatiana said.

  3. MoDLin Says:

    Just stopped by to say i’ts GREAT that you’re entering your third trimester. Funny how it seems like it will take FOREVER and now, here you are. Have another uneventful and healthy 15 (more or less) weeks.

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