24 weeks pregnant with the babies! Bump pictures.


Aussie and P-Dawg (her boyfriend) came over yesterday. This resulted in eating loads of chickpea enchaladas and belly comparisons. Yes, I know you don’t know her, but…BUT….Aussie is pregnant! 13 weeks with one teensy tiny baby.

Here we are, along with our three (!) babies:


I have her full permission to post this entry, which I’ve been wanting to post for like, let’s see – 9 weeks. See how good I am at secret keeping? Way better than that fucker Wormtail. I’m telling you, if the Potters had known me, they would still be alive today.

So, how far along was I yesterday?


And here’s some more bumpage:



And me and TMD – who looks smaller and smaller in each of these pictures, as she is stood next to the Amazing Growing Womb/Woman.


And if I was 23 weeks 6 days yesterday, guess what that makes today? 24 WEEKS. Yes, the magical number everyone strives towards, the wonderful world of viability. I do know the babies are actually a day younger than they were dated at (thanks to the magic and precision of IVF), so tomorrow will be the ‘real’ viability day. Still, wahoo! 24 weeks!

I’m going to make a point of not googling the likelihood of survival. If there is one thing pregnancy has taught me, it’s that google can often be more harm than help. My eyes are natually drawn towards all the horror stories and Worst Possible Causes for various symptoms. See? Not helpful.

At any rate, everyone is back at work today, and I’ve got myself eleven interviews to do this week. I plan to do none on Friday because that is Scan Day!!! (Put it in your calenders and underline it several times. Also please start crossing your fingers now that we definitively find out what little baby Torre is.) I need to start ringing these people up, though tearing myself away from the riveting world of daytime tv paternity tests will be challenging.


Oh, one more piece of good news. You know how I wanted to gain 24 pounds by 24 weeks? Accomplished as of yesterday, exactly on track. I’m really noticing the weight on my hips, thighs, arms, etc – but keep reminding myself that I wanted to gain all this weight – and in fact needed to. With multiples, the more weight gained by 24 weeks predicts better birth outcomes, including birth weight and the babies staying put for longer. With twins, it is recommended to gain at least 24 pounds by 24 weeks.

Considering how fucking sick I was for the first 16 weeks, this is a grand accomplishment.


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10 Responses to “24 weeks pregnant with the babies! Bump pictures.”

  1. 2momswithaplan Says:

    I am LOVING the belly pics! Keep them coming! 24 pounds in 24 weeks is perfect! You’re doin a great job momma!

  2. Tatiana Says:

    You are seriously a cute pregnant woman. You’re right, TMD looks like she’s vanishing.

    Also, congrats on the weight gain! That’s awesome.

  3. Juice-ica Says:

    Isn’t Aussie the lady that came with you & TMD to meet me & John in Hyde Park (ages & ages ago)? I’m pretty sure she is. Pls send her some congrats from my way, k? 🙂 Yay for 24 weeks! You’re looking adorable. ^_^

  4. Jinxy Says:

    I agree with everyone else you are adorable!

    I know this is off topic, but that piece of cat furniture in the top picture looks pretty cool.

  5. carly Says:

    WOOW i want a baby really bad but my mom says no because im only 11

  6. carly Says:

    wow i want a baby but im 11 but i LOVE SEX

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